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Food in Newark Airport?

I'm taking a flight from Newark tomorrow and will have some time to kill, post-security, in Terminal C. I would love to pick up a bite to eat ... but it is in an airport, so my expectations are not to high. Would anyone just be able to give me suggestions for places that *don't* entirely suck for the price?

There are no wrong answers here. I'm expecting it to be expensive, and I'm not expecting it to be fantastic - just something I'd least regret getting for lunch.

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  1. yeah the food court area has a "tex mex" style restaurant with a bar. And they have some burgers and stuff that will cater to about anyone.

    That is about as good as you get in my opinion (or as much as you would want to spend in an airport)

    It is not great but it will do and you might want a cocktail. It is near the mcdonalds. I forget the name of the place. It might be Caliente Cab


    1. Gallaghers steak house and grand central oyster bar are both after security. Expensive but decent food. I remember having a decent salad and glass of wine at gallaghers on one of my last trips to europe. http://www.ifly.com/newark-liberty-in...

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        Do you know if Grand Central Oyster Bar as in the one in GC Station? We have a LONG layover in Newark in a number of months and I'm considering leaving the terminal. But if GCOB is there, then that's where I'll be!

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          It's the same. Don't bother going into NYC as GCOB is the same. Unfortunately, Gallagher's and GCOB are the only decent places to eat in C. Unless, of course, you like mediocre food. Try Ben and Jerry's...it's good. If you leave the Terminal, get a cab and go to the Ironbound in Newark.

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            I'm quite thrilled to know this!!! I'd been reading some about the Ironbound and we do have the time (five hours!) but it will be wintertime and ya just never know. GCOB is a perennial stop when we're in Manhattan. The idea of a bunch of oysters or something and some martinis sound like a great way to start a holiday! Thanks for letting me know.

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              I heartily disagree on this. All of the restaurants at EWR are run by HMSHost (the facilities management company). Both Gallagher's and GCOB are vastly inferior to their nyc counterparts.

              GCOB, in particular, is dirty. Service is very poor. The food is mediocre. It is passable (barely) when you really need to eat in the airport, but nothing to get remotely excited about.

              The Gallagher's is truly awful in every way. I've been there many times (I fly out of EWR a lot). The burger is ok. Steaks are way overpriced and nowhere near what you'd get at any decent steakhouse outside of the airport. Service, again, is terrible.

              Check out the yelp reviews for these 2 places to get a sense of what to expect.

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                I think I shall contact GCOB in GCS and ask what the deal is.

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                  I never said that Terminal C was a gourmand's paradise. In fact, it stinks. But, it's the best all things considered. I also do a lot of flying out of EWR. I've learnt the hard way to bring food or eat before I leave.

                  That's why I suggested that if c oliver had 5 hours between flights, grab a cab and get into the Ironbound for a good meal.

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                    And I sincerely thank you for that. Spending five hours in ANY airport isn't my idea of a good time :) And it's always so expensive to eat and drink in any airport.

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                      Or duck into one of the lounges. At EWR, the United Lounge is pretty good, food and cocktails, etc.

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                        We're not members but we get a couple of passes a year through our United MasterCard. This would definitely be a good place to use them. Thanks, ipse.

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                          There are 2 UA Club Lounges in Terminal C at EWR.

                          I forget which one, but one has a shower, which is great, because I've actually done laps at the airport during what was, at the time, one of the most frustrating layovers I've ever had. Apparently, UA had lost our plane ...

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                      I took the Ironbound option, but I took the number 62 bus from Terminal C to Newark Penn, then walked three blocks East (?) on Ferry to the Iberia Bar. if you like Serrano ham you have to ask for it, it doesn't seem to be on the menu. lovely food and drink, and the helpful waiters put up with my poor Spanish. to even things up I had a Guinness near gate C75 when I returned.

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                      I agree with these comments. The Gallagher's in Newark Airport, in my opinion, is not even in the same category as the Gallagher's in NYC. Perhaps this was the equivalent of a "licensing" deal so to speak and HMSHost is using the name. But in my opinion, that's all they are using. The burger I had there was not good at all. The steak my partner had was poor. Service was terrible all around. The quality of the service was equal to what I would expect at a fast-food restaurant, and a poor one at that.

                      My experience at the GCOB was the same.

            2. There's a Smashburger in Terminal C. Their chicken sandwiches are good too if you're not in the mood for a burger. And it's run by the same franchisee that has all the other North Jersey locations, not the airport's management company.

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                I had a very good Smashburger there, and it was still morning.

                1. Their is a wine bar as well in Terminal C. Has anyone tried it?

                  1. this is all about to massively improve!!!

                    Newark Airport Signs on Insane List of A-List Chefs to Open Restaurants in Terminal C


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                      Wow, that will be quite a change! I was at EWR twice last week and it was really an eating wasteland. I haven't been to the Ironbound in years, and I never think of stopping there on the way to or from the airport. But I sometimes choose to fly out of PHL instead just so I can grab a meal in South Philly before or after the flight (I live in Mercer Cty).

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                        For those of us who try hard to fly JetBlue instead of United, this means nothing.

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                          That is a really unuseful post in a thread about ewr terminal C. It means nothing to Martians too. And to people who live in Asia. So what.

                      2. Let's face it, you CAN'T put lipstick on a pig and you CAN'T fix Terminal C. It's beyond repair.

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                          that is a confusing statement. terminal C is a perfectly fine building for an airport terminal. all facilities and retail inside can be changed or upgraded. so how could it be beyond repair?

                          i might agree regarding terminal A or B since those buildings are very poorly designed and configured for a big airport.

                          1. re: freshmanjs

                            You're right...It's a confusing statement. You're wrong...C can't be changed. Gateway and United personnel should get a quick course in customer etiquette. The terminal is too small for the number of passengers going through it each day. It's a zoo. That's one of the reasons United came into A and B. We're a captive audience in that United controls the whole airport and it's difficult for any airline to go up against United. Ne Jersey is one of the most populated states and we have a third rate airport. It's the closest to Manhattan and A, B, and C should be a showcase for the USA. Unfortunately, redoing the restaurants and other concessions are not the sole answer.

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                              sure, if you want to have a discussion about the quality of nyc airports and airlines great. i agree they are not good.

                              i thought this conversation was about the restaurants in ewr terminal c which absolutely could be improved and improving them would greatly improve my (frequent) experiences there.