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May 22, 2013 11:18 AM

Lunch in Newport beach with ocean or waterfront view?

Hi all - any suggestions for lunch this Sunday with an ocean or waterfront view? Type of food and price not necessarily important. I've been looking at Google Maps etc. but difficult to tell what restaurants actually have views and are not just near the water with no view. A couple of places that seem like possibilities are The Dock, SOL Cocina and 3-Thirty-3 - any thoughts on these or other suggestions would be welcome.

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  1. theres the Shake Shack by crystal cove overlooking the water. its basic burgers/sandwiches etc. i think its great. very casual.

    if you want a little nicer theres the The Deck of The Cliff in Laguna beach. both pretty good. to eat on the water, you need ot be willing for the food to be a little less than perfect.

    Newport beach specifically doesnt really have dining spots on the water but the two in laguna are about 15 minutes away. and the shake shack is toward laguna from newport so you can check that out on the way.

    all have large crowds so go early

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      And the date shake at Shake Shack is *amazing!*

      There is also Las Brisas in Laguna Beach - not far and pretty stunning for a view!

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        In addition to the ones you mentioned, the following places in Newport Beach are on the water with waterfront views. You can check their websites to see which one you might like.

        Rusty Pelican
        Chart House
        Newport Landing
        Bluewater Grill
        Villa Nova
        Balboa Bay Club
        Lido Bistro (sometimes a boat is parked in front blocking view)
        Joe's Crab Shack

        I've had a few good meals at Newport Landing.

      2. Below the Shake Shack, owned by the same company, is Beachcomber Cafe, right on the beach. However, reservations for Sunday may already be booked.

        1. How about The Lighthouse or The Crab Shack ?

          1. Here's a fairly comprehensive list:


            I second JAB's Beachcomber recommendation if you can get in. Right on the sand on a really nice stretch of beach. Food is very casual American and California cuisine-type preparations. Caveat: It's a little bit of a hike to get there, so if there are any physically impaired members in your party, maybe not the best choice.


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              +1 for the Beachcomber. It is literally right on the beach and has pretty goo food!

            2. It's been ten years since we moved, but here's a plan.

              Go to Vons Pavilions on Via Lido, have them make up a picnic lunch and add wine or other beverages of choice..

              Drive down the Balboa Peninsula and stop at the resident's beach facing the bay. If the water activity r is too tame for you, then continue on to the Wedge. The last house there before the jetty is Dick Dale's old place - bring appropriate music if you are a fan.