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May 22, 2013 10:25 AM

BEST COFFEE in downtown LA

Intelligentsia Cafe is to die for!! Coffee Commissary too! What do you all think? I dont think there are better spots!

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  1. Spring for Coffee. And very very likely, Barrista Society, which opens next week.
    In Jtown, Demitaase.

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    1. re: pley

      Second Pley's recs and adding G&B coffee when they open a kiosk at Grand Central Mkt

      1. re: pley

        was at Demitasse yesterday...very nice cup of an African bean...mellow, relaxing atmosphere late in the afternoon...tasty pastries from Farmshop & Jin Patisserie macarons...i can barely drink Peets coffee anymore and i used to be a big fan..going back to when they really brewed good coffee in Bezerkley...way too bitter to my palate these daze!

        1. re: lapizzamaven

          Demitasse is excellent for coffee. I haven't tried their espresso (which is what a lot of people refer to as coffee nowadays, sometimes me included.) The pastries, I agree, are very good as well.

      2. Btw, what Intelli cafe are you referring to?

        1. Actually, are you sure you're even talking about dtla?

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          1. re: pley

            If you are referring to G&B, check their IG feed...straight from the source. End of the month is what they say about GCM, at least 4 days ago.

            1. re: Food_destroyed_my_life

              Well, the end of the month is a week from Friday, meaning next week.

              1. re: Food_destroyed_my_life

                My question was directed to the OP. Neither of those places are in dt.

                1. re: Food_destroyed_my_life

                  They will be open at the end of next week, confirmed in person.

              2. As pley has responded, Spring for Coffee downtown is delicious!

                I have never had a better iced coffee than their cold-drip Stumptown. It has a complexity I have never tasted elsewhere, with notes and levels of flavor that I never knew before from any other cup-of.

                1. Since neither of them is in downtown LA, comments below appropriate.
                  Yet, to me, neither of them match up to even Peet's.
                  Both of them are too insipid for me.
                  I want coffee with some body, guts, and Peet's provides just that.