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BEST COFFEE in downtown LA

Intelligentsia Cafe is to die for!! Coffee Commissary too! What do you all think? I dont think there are better spots!

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  1. Spring for Coffee. And very very likely, Barrista Society, which opens next week.
    In Jtown, Demitaase.

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      Second Pley's recs and adding G&B coffee when they open a kiosk at Grand Central Mkt

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        was at Demitasse yesterday...very nice cup of an African bean...mellow, relaxing atmosphere late in the afternoon...tasty pastries from Farmshop & Jin Patisserie macarons...i can barely drink Peets coffee anymore and i used to be a big fan..going back to when they really brewed good coffee in Bezerkley...way too bitter to my palate these daze!

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          Demitasse is excellent for coffee. I haven't tried their espresso (which is what a lot of people refer to as coffee nowadays, sometimes me included.) The pastries, I agree, are very good as well.

      2. Btw, what Intelli cafe are you referring to?

        1. Actually, are you sure you're even talking about dtla?

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            If you are referring to G&B, check their IG feed...straight from the source. End of the month is what they say about GCM, at least 4 days ago.

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              Well, the end of the month is a week from Friday, meaning next week.

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                My question was directed to the OP. Neither of those places are in dt.

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                  They will be open at the end of next week, confirmed in person.

              2. As pley has responded, Spring for Coffee downtown is delicious!

                I have never had a better iced coffee than their cold-drip Stumptown. It has a complexity I have never tasted elsewhere, with notes and levels of flavor that I never knew before from any other cup-of.

                1. Since neither of them is in downtown LA, comments below appropriate.
                  Yet, to me, neither of them match up to even Peet's.
                  Both of them are too insipid for me.
                  I want coffee with some body, guts, and Peet's provides just that.

                  1. Handsome Coffee Roasters.

                    1. Put down that cup of coffee and download Google Maps.

                      Apparently you're still using Apple Maps, which has yet to fix the LA region.

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                            G&B is good. Barista Society is better.

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                              how, exactly?

                              Handsome (barista champ) & Demitasses roast beans. G&B (barista champ) has hipster cred. Spring for Coffee is friendly + lower cost. Dulce has coffee + house-made donuts + seating. Barista Society claims to be "first" in financial district, which is to say what exactly? Don't get me wrong, I DIG elabrew, especially the redec'd CNN stand, but, still -- curious how it's better.

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                                  Barista Society has a good rotation of different beans, they brew by drip, pour over, Chemex, siphon, aeropress, plus that have that giant Japanese cold brew contraption. They also have matcha, and good teas. They carry pastries from B1. They will soon start serving lunch.

                                  G&B does some form of pre-pour over that's kept in a thermos or some sort of thermal glass (go ahead and make all your fine correction points about their containers). And then they have the cap/latte/espressos.

                                  I like G&B too, but I like Barista Society better. Plus, I find the guys at Barista Society, particularly the owner Charn, to be a bit more down to earth, while being complete coffee geeky aficionados. One of the baristas at Barista Society actually enters aeropress competitions. Love that.

                            2. Another vote for G&B - went there last week. They have a great location, just inside the west (hill st ?) entrance and close to the comp'd market parking.

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                                  GCM validates an hour for free if you spend $10 (never had them check or ask for a receipt). You could always pull into the drive way next that splits GCM and La Cita, throw the hazards on and watch your car while you are sipping at the counter at G&B.

                                  I like Barista Society but if I had to choose, G&B pulls a better shot, pays more attention to details such as weighing the amount of grounds in each pull and the experience is just more enjoyable. I love the flow of walking up to an espresso bar with no queue. You can have different people ring you up on the ipad.

                                  Interesting enough that when I first went to G&B at SQIRL, I didnt like the set-up because it felt cramped and I didnt really understand who to order from, either Kyle or Charles. I have been four or five times to G&B at GCM, and they started to recognize me and the process is just more relaxed now. These are all reasons for me to spend my once or twice a week splurge on shots pulled by someone else versus me trying to save money.

                                  I also loved ElaBrew truck but the shots are just a little too watery and thin compared to G&B. Same experience at Barista Society, shots are a little too thin. Also, Barista Society didnt have half and half when I went last week, just whole and skim milk. Not a deal breaker, but if you are charging $3.25 for an americano (i get this bc their shots are too thin), then I would like to have the same options as most 3rd wave stores.

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                                    I love all the shops in DTLA for different things. Handsome of Lattes, Demitasse for Iced Tea. Spring for Coffee for Pourovers. Tierra Mia for Mochas. G&B for Sweet Lattes (I love flat whites with Honey and this one sets just the same tone) I love that I have so many choices in DTLA now and that some of the shops are even staying open later...

                                    As for parking at G&B, there are couple of meters across the street that are available. There is also the Pershing Square Metro Exit right on the corner. It perhaps makes G&B the most convenient to us right now! :)


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                                      G&B's 5-min pourovers forces you to get a latte if you're a suit needing something to sip at your desk. Seriously, that's insane.

                                      I've had 2 Stumptown espressos pulled by Elabrew Hollywood recently, and the body was just as rich as anything out of anywhere in LA. They're switching to Heart roasters as we speak, so I can't predict the future, but "thin" wasn't a word that came to mind.

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                                        Spring for Coffee uses Stumptown. Their Stumptown cold drip iced coffee is, to my tastes, as good as it gets!

                                        I also like that they keep their cream very cold; I think their container has an ice core, if I remember correctly, and am not mixing my wares from place to place.

                                        And I heard that Guisado's tacos is moving nearby. This is going to be a problem: Do I have an horchada with my taco sampling platter or do I get a Spring for Coffee iced coffee to mellow the taco heat?

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                                          Take an expresso shot to go and mix it into that Horchata and be HAP-HAP-PEE!!!


                                          1. re: Dommy

                                            Oh, MY!!!!
                                            How indulgent!
                                            How creative!
                                            How delicious that sounds!

                                            1. re: liu

                                              Yes... and SLIGHTLY more legal than my usual slug of flask Rum... LOL!


                                          2. re: liu

                                            They'll be moving into the Spring Street Arcade.

                                            1. re: Johnny L

                                              Hi, Johnny L!

                                              I assume you are referring to GuisadosTacos.
                                              Do you know when they will be in?

                                              1. re: Johnny L

                                                What else is in the Spring Street arcade so far ?


                                    2. Cafe Dulce has my favorite Vietnamese iced coffee; they substitute the traditional concentrated drip for espresso which adds depth and complexity (usually fruity, floral, tangy) and combines it with what I consider a perfect ratio of condensed milk. It has almost a syrupy mouthfeel, even as it melts with the ice. My infatuation with it lies in the fact that it always seems to border on being on the too sweet and too strong side, however the condensed milk and espresso play a beautiful balancing act that produces a very harmonious and delicious drink.

                                      Cafe Dulce
                                      134 Japanese Village Plz
                                      Bldg E
                                      Los Angeles, CA 90012
                                      Neighborhoods: Downtown, Little Tokyo

                                      1. I like Urth. While I have only drove by their DTLA location (couldn't find parking) I've been to their other locations and always great coffees. Spanish Latte is my favorite. Tied with Peets coffee. As I'm in the Valley Peets gets most of my business.

                                        1. I like the stuff at the cafeteria at the Roybal Federal Building.

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                                              Next time you pick up a cup... grab a packet of saltines. Dip one of the saltines into the cup of coffee quickly and toss. The touch of salt adds just enough depth and evens out any bitterness. It's one of the ways I survived many months of Hospital cafeteria coffee...


                                              1. re: Dommy

                                                That would be a waste of perfectly good saltines.

                                                1. re: Dommy

                                                  That's funny.. I actually do add a pinch of salt to my coffee as well, and I make mine with freshly ground beans in a chemex :)

                                                  Mr Taster

                                              2. Definitely Demitasse in Little Tokyo

                                                1. Spring for Coffee and Demitasse

                                                  1. Spring for Coffee is on par with Intelligentsia, at least for drip.