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Jan 15, 2003 09:12 PM

Austin recommendation: Wink or Aquarelle?

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I'm trying to decide between Wink or Aquarelle for a special occasion dinner...
I've been to Wink several times & enjoyed it very much. I've never been to Aquarelle.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I've been to Aquarelle and enjoyed it very much. I've had the $40 4 course prix-fixe meal and it was fantastic. The food is classic French and the ambience is great. We had good service, the meal was totally unrushed, and everything was excellent. But I've only been there once and it was going on 2 years ago.

    Here is the most recent review of Aquarelle that I could find

    I hope this helps you a little!


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      Thanks very much for the recommendation!

      I decided to make reservations at Aquarelle.

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        I was at Wink last night, and the food was excellent. Appetizers included the beef carpiccio (fantastic, with the wagyu beef's luxurious marbling), a delicious wild mushroom soup and a salad dressed with a superb truffle-sherry vinegarette.

        Entrees included a roast breast of duck done to a perfect medium rare, served with chantrelles, white beans and a delicious green whose name escapes me. A grilled lamb dish was pronounced excellent by its' consumer, the seared ono disappeared very quickly and the escolar (one of my favorite fishes) was the true essence of escolar, roasted to a perfect crust and moist interior.

        Desserts of zinfandel marinated cherries with a flourless chocolate cake (not surprisingly perfect with the zin I was drinking) and "lemon drop" were both signatures and both flawless.

        What was news to me was that the chefs at Wink will do a five course dinner for $35, if all the guests at the table will participate, and will pair each course with a half glass of wine if desired. That's how I'm eating the next time I go.