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May 22, 2013 08:58 AM

In search of good Cantonese fare, in particular specialty items

Hi, I've looked up and down this board and I haven't seen any recent posts about this, so I was wondering if anyone had recent suggestions for good Cantonese dinner items. In particular I was wondering if anyone did the whole roast squab, crab done in a couple ways, fresh seafood, etc.

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  1. I think Sea Harbour still has the best squab. They do seafood well. There have been a few negative reports fron the time they moved to a new location, but I think things have settled a bit. Other worthy options include Red Star and Kirin.

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      Great, do you know if any of these items should/need be ordered in advance at those restaurants? I know when I used to eat with family we usually made reservations

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        Roast pig (not char siu/BBQ pork), depending on amount, may need to be ordered in advance at Red Star. And one time we ordered the winter melon soup (where the soup is served inside the carved melon itself) and was told by the waiter they had ran out already, and advised next time we order in advance (our group was 8 in size). May have been a one-time thing, 'tho.

        Red Star's BBQ duck is particularly succulent and meaty.

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          Good to preorder the long boil soups.

      2. of course, I mean in Vancouver, from Burnaby to Richmond (and maybe beyond)

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          I like Big Chef for a less high end but still spiffy experience.

          One of their draws is crab in salty egg yolk and rice cakes, but I love the savoury egg custard called preserved egg on the menu, and their ham yu or steamed minced pork with salted fish is solid. But the piece de resistance for me is the house special soup called Auntie Song’s fish soup. There is also an award winning soya sauce chicken which must be preordered but I must admit it hasn't blown me away the couple of times I've tried it.