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May 22, 2013 08:42 AM

ISO Unpretentious, modestly-priced coffee shop with WiFi near Yonge & Carlton

I have a friend in need. The local Second Cup and Coffee Zone have both closed. Starbucks is disliked. Bulldog prices are too high. Anybody know of a place where you can drink and work for a few hours at a time?

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    1. try Black Canary a few blocks south at yonge and dundas. it's directly above five guys burgers.

        1. re: blogs

          Both of these look great, just fantastic sleepy & blogs. Thanks so much. I'll pass them along.

        2. cafe M is fine, but I actually like the drip coffee at crepe it up at church and wellesley. and when I ask for soy milk they'll steam it up for me too, which is a nice touch. they have wi-fi but admittedly the last couple of times I've had some connection issues. well priced crepes is a bonus.

          1. This won't help, but since it's in the same area - the best coffee in Toronto is Fahrenheit, period.

            The problem is the seating, as there are only a few barstools. But the cortados, cappucinos and lattes are usually epic.

            This blog may help as well
            It's mostly based off of coffee shops featured in the