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Jan 15, 2003 02:49 PM

Best Houston Burgers

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Since Austin Hounds have done the best burger thing a couple times I though I would throw Houston's Best out there.
Langford's Grocery on Denis in the 4th Ward Montrose area. Lanford's has a perfectly non cemitrical look to the patty. That's right a hand formed monster with tons of grease. Tons of mayo and a huge slice of tomato. If you go on a wednesday and have never been here you might need to get a great beef enchilada served with frijoles al a charro and mex rice. Both sides are as good as I have ever had.

Rudyard's on Waugh in the Montrose area. Rudz serves a nice thick chargrilled burger with a good bun. Make sure to get it cooked medium at the most(I guess this goes without saying).

KC's bar and grill on Fountanview in the Galleria/Richmond Strip area. I was extremely surprised by the quality of burger I got here. Nice juicy burger with good enough fries.

The Palm Steakhouse does a great burger at lunch for $10. It is supposedly ground prime meat and is probably over a pound when all is sadi and done.

Adrians in the 5th ward serves the biggest tastiest damn burger around. This place is off the beaten path but worth searching for. It is in a very rough area but the owner is super friendly and the clientele is always fun.

Good but not great burgers:
Roznofski's has a good burger if you do the double meat.

Bellare Broiler is good for a chili burger.

Goode Co when someone you are dinning with doesn't want a burger.

The Tavern on Gray served one of the best burgers I had ever had then dissapointed on the next 2 visits. I think they put either msg or superfine salt because the meat is salty but you really can't see it (that doesn't make sense).

Tookies in sea brook/kemah area. tookies is good but I think it is a little overrated. I like the 99?

What are some other favorites out there?

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  1. I agree wholly re: Langford Grocery. Their burgers rock. I would add Otto's.

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    1. re: Bob

      Maybe it was all of the hype, but I was a little underwhelmed by the Langford Grocery burger I had. It was certainly good and quite tasty, but to call it the "best" seems like a bit of a stretch.

      For a traditional greasy good old hamburger, I prefer Otto's. The OSB (Otto's Super Burger) is double meat, double cheese. It is a heart attack on a bun, but it is great.

      1. re: TexasHusky

        I'm sure if you got a double meat at Langford's it would be just as much a heart attack on a bun.
        Otto's has a good burger and maybe it belongs in the top 5 but for my money I will hit Langford's 9 times out of ten. The problem with Otto's is that you have to get a double meat in order to make the meat to bun ratio in the meat favor. Either way I will stand by Langford's til I find another burger that is better.

        1. re: John Scar
          Josh Raynolds

          Three words: Bellaire Broiler Burger

          1. re: John Scar

            John, I had heard a lot about Lankford's, so being a burger connoseur constantly on the hunt for the "best" -- I made my way over there, which was no small feat in itself to even find the place. Yep, it's good, but sorry, certainly not "best" -- my opinion, of course. You must compare it to the Avalon over on Westheimer -- get the cheeseburger, chips, and the earth's ultimate limeade. No comparison.

            1. re: texasnative1

              Lankford's burger have gone downhill from when I qst started going there in 2000. Then it was in competition for the best burger with Christians.

              Now I go to Lankford's for the specials - on Wed. its enchiladas - kind of like country or farm enchiladas, and the Thur. Chicken Fried Steak.

      2. I'm a big fan of S. W. Tookies in Seabrook (on the Seabrook side of the Kemah bridge), particularly their #99 burger--made with red wine, chopped onions, and cheddar cheese. Don't skip the onion rings!

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        1. re: Musestruck

          My fav at Tookies is the Stomps Roadhouse Special.

        2. I think Langford's is the best burger in Houston

          Bellaire has by far the best chili cheese fries I have ever had

          and I plan to try a few of the places mentioned above.

          I am surprised that nobody has mentioned Christian's Tailgate bar (the second best burger in Houston) - the original is on Washington (next to Denny's on I-10) and they have a new location in the revamped area on Gray and Bagby.

          1. >>>>Langford's Grocery on Denis in the 4th Ward Montrose area.
            I like Lankfords, but it's not one of my top burgers. Good though, but I found myself skipping it more often than not.

            >>>>>Rudyard's on Waugh in the Montrose area.
            One of my favorites, but the kitchen is absolutely inconsistant in being able to cook anything below medium well. If you can somehow convince them to cook it medium rare, you're great, but that only happens one out of three times for me.

            >>>>The Palm Steakhouse does a great burger at lunch for $10. It is supposedly ground prime meat and is probably over a pound when all is sadi and done.

            Never had the Palm Burger, but maybe I'll go for lunch today.

            >>>>>Adrians in the 5th ward serves the biggest tastiest damn burger around.

            I second (and third!) Adrian's. It is in a sketchy neighborhood (close to Finnegan Park in the Fifth Ward), but they do make perhaps the biggest and one of the best burgers I've had in Houston. I think I made the mistake the first time of having a double.

            I've also enjoyed some good burgers at Papa's Burgers on Westheimer, though I don't go out there a lot. A little too chain-y and well lit.

            Finally, for a reference burger, I just got back from a whirlwind trip to New Orleans and ate at Port of Call on Esplanade. Simply the best, and I found myself shaking me head wondering how it was so good. Unlike most every burger joint in America, I order them medium at Port of Call, since 1) they actually know how to cook their burgers, and 2) medium rare seemed too bloody/juicy. Across the street at Buffa's Tavern on Esplanade is a good burger as well, recommended by a cab driver, that was exceptionally peppery, but Port of Call stood head and shoulders above it.

            Good luck, and thanks for the recommendations.

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            1. re: Mikeflan

              OMG ! You have my mouth watering for a Port Of Call Burger. Been years since I was there but their burger is hands down the best I have ever had. I even teased them that they must put drugs in their burgers to get the "foodie high" we had eating there. I smile everytime I see their Port Of Call plastic cup in my cabinet...tacky I know but I can't bear to part with it. Anyone wanna do a road trip to NO for burgers?

            2. Bill's Cafe in Kingwood on 494 has great burgers.

              I look forward to trying some of the others mentioned.

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              1. re: onatrip

                Where's Bill's Cafe? I've seen Pete's on 494 in Porter - which I've heard is great.

                Another great burger is found at D.J's Old Timey Burger's in the shadow of Reliant Stadium. Their "D.J's" Burger is chili, bacon, cheese, and jalepeno - delicious.

                1. re: Lily Dale

                  Bill's Cafe
                  22845 Loop 494
                  Kingwood, TX 77339

                  Don't expect much in decor but the burgers are good!