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Best Houston Burgers

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Since Austin Hounds have done the best burger thing a couple times I though I would throw Houston's Best out there.
Langford's Grocery on Denis in the 4th Ward Montrose area. Lanford's has a perfectly non cemitrical look to the patty. That's right a hand formed monster with tons of grease. Tons of mayo and a huge slice of tomato. If you go on a wednesday and have never been here you might need to get a great beef enchilada served with frijoles al a charro and mex rice. Both sides are as good as I have ever had.

Rudyard's on Waugh in the Montrose area. Rudz serves a nice thick chargrilled burger with a good bun. Make sure to get it cooked medium at the most(I guess this goes without saying).

KC's bar and grill on Fountanview in the Galleria/Richmond Strip area. I was extremely surprised by the quality of burger I got here. Nice juicy burger with good enough fries.

The Palm Steakhouse does a great burger at lunch for $10. It is supposedly ground prime meat and is probably over a pound when all is sadi and done.

Adrians in the 5th ward serves the biggest tastiest damn burger around. This place is off the beaten path but worth searching for. It is in a very rough area but the owner is super friendly and the clientele is always fun.

Good but not great burgers:
Roznofski's has a good burger if you do the double meat.

Bellare Broiler is good for a chili burger.

Goode Co when someone you are dinning with doesn't want a burger.

The Tavern on Gray served one of the best burgers I had ever had then dissapointed on the next 2 visits. I think they put either msg or superfine salt because the meat is salty but you really can't see it (that doesn't make sense).

Tookies in sea brook/kemah area. tookies is good but I think it is a little overrated. I like the 99?

What are some other favorites out there?

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  1. I agree wholly re: Langford Grocery. Their burgers rock. I would add Otto's.

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    1. re: Bob

      Maybe it was all of the hype, but I was a little underwhelmed by the Langford Grocery burger I had. It was certainly good and quite tasty, but to call it the "best" seems like a bit of a stretch.

      For a traditional greasy good old hamburger, I prefer Otto's. The OSB (Otto's Super Burger) is double meat, double cheese. It is a heart attack on a bun, but it is great.

      1. re: TexasHusky

        I'm sure if you got a double meat at Langford's it would be just as much a heart attack on a bun.
        Otto's has a good burger and maybe it belongs in the top 5 but for my money I will hit Langford's 9 times out of ten. The problem with Otto's is that you have to get a double meat in order to make the meat to bun ratio in the meat favor. Either way I will stand by Langford's til I find another burger that is better.

        1. re: John Scar
          Josh Raynolds

          Three words: Bellaire Broiler Burger

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            John, I had heard a lot about Lankford's, so being a burger connoseur constantly on the hunt for the "best" -- I made my way over there, which was no small feat in itself to even find the place. Yep, it's good, but sorry, certainly not "best" -- my opinion, of course. You must compare it to the Avalon over on Westheimer -- get the cheeseburger, chips, and the earth's ultimate limeade. No comparison.

            1. re: texasnative1

              Lankford's burger have gone downhill from when I qst started going there in 2000. Then it was in competition for the best burger with Christians.

              Now I go to Lankford's for the specials - on Wed. its enchiladas - kind of like country or farm enchiladas, and the Thur. Chicken Fried Steak.

      2. I'm a big fan of S. W. Tookies in Seabrook (on the Seabrook side of the Kemah bridge), particularly their #99 burger--made with red wine, chopped onions, and cheddar cheese. Don't skip the onion rings!

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        1. re: Musestruck

          My fav at Tookies is the Stomps Roadhouse Special.

        2. I think Langford's is the best burger in Houston

          Bellaire has by far the best chili cheese fries I have ever had

          and I plan to try a few of the places mentioned above.

          I am surprised that nobody has mentioned Christian's Tailgate bar (the second best burger in Houston) - the original is on Washington (next to Denny's on I-10) and they have a new location in the revamped area on Gray and Bagby.

          1. >>>>Langford's Grocery on Denis in the 4th Ward Montrose area.
            I like Lankfords, but it's not one of my top burgers. Good though, but I found myself skipping it more often than not.

            >>>>>Rudyard's on Waugh in the Montrose area.
            One of my favorites, but the kitchen is absolutely inconsistant in being able to cook anything below medium well. If you can somehow convince them to cook it medium rare, you're great, but that only happens one out of three times for me.

            >>>>The Palm Steakhouse does a great burger at lunch for $10. It is supposedly ground prime meat and is probably over a pound when all is sadi and done.

            Never had the Palm Burger, but maybe I'll go for lunch today.

            >>>>>Adrians in the 5th ward serves the biggest tastiest damn burger around.

            I second (and third!) Adrian's. It is in a sketchy neighborhood (close to Finnegan Park in the Fifth Ward), but they do make perhaps the biggest and one of the best burgers I've had in Houston. I think I made the mistake the first time of having a double.

            I've also enjoyed some good burgers at Papa's Burgers on Westheimer, though I don't go out there a lot. A little too chain-y and well lit.

            Finally, for a reference burger, I just got back from a whirlwind trip to New Orleans and ate at Port of Call on Esplanade. Simply the best, and I found myself shaking me head wondering how it was so good. Unlike most every burger joint in America, I order them medium at Port of Call, since 1) they actually know how to cook their burgers, and 2) medium rare seemed too bloody/juicy. Across the street at Buffa's Tavern on Esplanade is a good burger as well, recommended by a cab driver, that was exceptionally peppery, but Port of Call stood head and shoulders above it.

            Good luck, and thanks for the recommendations.

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            1. re: Mikeflan

              OMG ! You have my mouth watering for a Port Of Call Burger. Been years since I was there but their burger is hands down the best I have ever had. I even teased them that they must put drugs in their burgers to get the "foodie high" we had eating there. I smile everytime I see their Port Of Call plastic cup in my cabinet...tacky I know but I can't bear to part with it. Anyone wanna do a road trip to NO for burgers?

            2. Bill's Cafe in Kingwood on 494 has great burgers.

              I look forward to trying some of the others mentioned.

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              1. re: onatrip

                Where's Bill's Cafe? I've seen Pete's on 494 in Porter - which I've heard is great.

                Another great burger is found at D.J's Old Timey Burger's in the shadow of Reliant Stadium. Their "D.J's" Burger is chili, bacon, cheese, and jalepeno - delicious.

                1. re: Lily Dale

                  Bill's Cafe
                  22845 Loop 494
                  Kingwood, TX 77339

                  Don't expect much in decor but the burgers are good!

              2. John, have you given up on the BBQ burger at Gus's Meat Market on OST? My husband says it is still good.

                I might not call it the best in town, but Southwell's on Holcombe has apretty good burger.

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                1. re: zorra

                  Guy's Meat Market is still grea; and I agree about Southwell's as very good too.

                2. How about Annie's on South Post Oak Rd (@ Willowbend)? I have been eating there for maybe 30 years. Thin patty, flame broiled with lots of lettuce and tomatoes. My favorite is a single with cheese, bacon and jalapenos (no tomatoes, too much juice) every time. Great fries, too.
                  I grew up less than a mile from there and try to go in every time I go home.
                  It is sort of comfort food to me, I'd be curious to see what other chowhounds think.

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                  1. re: birddogfoodie

                    Thanks for the tip on Annie's, I have passed it and thought it looked promising...good to hear that the fries are fine, too.

                  2. Port of Call is a great Burger - #2 on my entire USA list.

                    It is a distant second only to the Westport Flea Market's 10 OZ Flea Market Burger - and they will cook it anyway you want it.

                    I get bacon, mushrooms and pepperjack cheese - don't forget the BBQ sauce located behind the fixin counter.

                    1. To call it a great burger you need a great burger plus great home-made, crispy fried. I nominate the burger at Jim Goode's Armadillo Palace (but good luck having a conversation over the music). Their fries are skinny and great.

                      Pappas Burgers, which are supposedly ground fresh next door at Pappas steak restaurant, are very good.

                      Jax, at Bellaire and Rice, makes a good burger, and great onion rings. Everything they make is great.

                      1. I have to modify my Houston's greatest burger. After several trips top each - I think Christian's Totem (Tailgate Bar) has overtaken Lankfords. I have had most of the rest except Annie's.

                        When I want a Burger I go to Tailgate, when I want Enchiladas (Wed.) or Chicken Fried Steak (Thur. special) I go to Lankfords

                        1. I really like the burgers at Goode's Armadillo saloon because they're big and juicy and come with crisp skinny frieds. Great atmosphere. I wish it wasn't so noisy. Well, it's not noise, just good music, but you can't talk over it easily. Just sit outside if you want to talk.

                          1. Dry Creek Cafe has the best burgers in Houston. It has other options for people that don't eat burgers and you can even bring your dog if you sit outside.

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                            1. re: kalidaemon

                              and its BYOB - I just found out about Dry Creek today, and plan to try it next week

                            2. My faves (full disclosure - I like burger joint burgers, not fern bar burgers, designer burgers, 5 star restaurant burgers):

                              1. Christian’s Tailgate - a lot has changed at Christian’s Totem since it was first ‘discovered’ by the Press, the most salutary thing being that the kitchen is now open til 8pm and for a few hours on Sunday (hint, hint, Lankford). But the burgers are always the same - there’s an amazing consistency to the kitchen - and great. I believe it was John T. Edge of the Southern Foodways Alliance who called it the quintessential Texas burger.


                              (That was too much food for me - I usually only go for the excellent beer-battered ORs for a side


                              2. Lankford Grocery - bigger, messier, cheaper, and still excellent. I savor each bite of Christian’s burger while I wolf down Lankford’s. Downsides are less appealing sides, except the tater tots, some inconsistency from time to time in the kitchen, and shorter hours.


                              3. Someburger - 11th and Studewood in the Heights - not for everybody, thin meat patties, 50s style burgers so hot and fresh off the grill even the bun could singe your tongue. If you want red meat juices running down your chin when you bite into a burger, this ain’t for you. Hand-dipped shakes and malts. No drive-thru, no kiddie playground, not even indoor dining; no Biggie size, SuperSize, you can’t even choose between S,M,L - a faded sign in the window advises customers FFs, ORs, shakes and malts come in one size only. You probably have to go for the double-meat, which may be about the only alteration to the menu since the chain was founded in the 1950s in Austin by a couple of UT students. This and the one in beautiful downtown Baytown are the only remaining Someburger locations.


                              Honorable mentions:

                              Blake’s BBQ & Burgers on Jeanetta, just south of Westheimer. Only been going here a few months but never been disappointed and it’s a lot closer to me than the others. Hand-formed patty, thick slice of onion (grilled onions available for extra). They cut it in half for you, not because it’s so big but because it’s so juicy. Good ORs; I haven’t tried the FFs yet. The double meat is too big for me, besides I have to leave room for the home-made cake:


                              (Pictured, a slice of pineapple-coconut cake, one of about 8 varieties available plus 3 varieties of Hank’s Ice Cream).

                              Guy’s Meat Market smoked burger:


                              There’s no ORs, FFs, or place to eat at Guy’s. That’s a chilled, creamy macaroni on the side.

                              Pete’s Fine Meats cheeseburger
                              Bean Burger at Tookie’s in Seabrook - refritos, fritos and Cheez Whiz on a burger. Get jalapenos too but you might want to order them on the side because they really put a lot on it.
                              Cheeseburger at Avalon Drug/Diner

                              1. I rather like Barnaby's burgers. They are tasty and juicy! Mulitple locations within the loop.

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                                1. re: worldlyme

                                  Original location only for me, but I usually go for something other than a burger. As I recall, Baba Yega makes a fine burger, but I haven't had one in probably 10 years.

                                  1. re: worldlyme

                                    Barnaby's is excellent. I have never had a bad burger at any of their locations.

                                    The new Rare Bar that opened at 700 Shepherd has great burgers(their specialty is a 14 ounce monster) and sliders as well as Block 7 which is just across the street at 700 Shepherd. Great burgers and cheap wine.

                                    Houston's has a fantastic fresh-ground chuck burger, also. The chili burger (Saturday's only) is about the best in town.

                                    MAX's Wine dive has a Kobe beef burger. It is awesome, but it is $18.

                                  2. My first choice is Jax up on Sheppard. juicy with nice thick bacon on it and the onion rings are the best! I always eat there everytime I'm over in Houston. I also like KC's too. Again juicy, good fries, but only make the effort to go there if I'm at friends house that live close by.

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                                    1. re: austx03

                                      Haven't been to that location but I want to, since Friday nights they have a Zydeco band playing (which makes it one of the main places in Houston to catch regular Zydeco). At the Jax in Bellaire I always enjoy the burgers and the home made onion rings.

                                    2. I didn't like the burgers at Barnaby's or Ziggy's Healthy Grill--kind of dry and blah. I like Beck's Prime and Pappas Burger ok. My favorites were at Hobbit Cafe (especially the mushroom one--Martinique?) and Goode Co. Taqueria (although I haven't been there in a couple years).

                                      1. i completely agree with the raves about lankford's grocery and christian's totem (i didn't like the new location in midtown), but my super faves are the burgers at rudyard's and red lion. red lion has a monday night burger special for $5 that is hard to miss. i enjoy the upbeat, bar atmosphere.

                                        becks prime is the best "fast food" burger, but their veggie burger is the best out there. i get it with lettuce, tomato, onion, and sliced avocado.

                                        also, i've been meaning to try the burger in the cigar bar at vic and anthony's steakhouse. has anyone?

                                        1. Someburger on the corner of Studemont and 11th. Awesome! It's a little green and yellow building with no indoor seating. They do have outdoor tables...nicely located next to the dumpstes...so I suggest care-out. There's been some new construction in that area so they may no longer be there, but certainly worth checking out.

                                          1. Pappas Burgers on Westheimer (I know, sorry part of a local chain/family of restaurants.) They have a fantastic chili cheeseburger. And, Someburger is still there - always a line whenever I pass by.

                                            1. I just tried the Burger at Stantons yesterday and have to put it in the top tier burger places in houston. Its not a dine in place so be prepared to eat in the car ot take to office/home.

                                              1. A number of you would probably like Champ Burger, just east of downtown out Harrisonburg. Since 1963, a walk-up window with picnic tables outside. Not as good as Lankford or Christians. Skinny patties so get a double, onion rings better than the fries.

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                                                  I kept seeing the little piece on Ch. 8 about that in their 'What's Hot in Houston' series and had to go check it out. Not bad. I thought it was very comparable to the late Original New Orleans PoBoy place on Main. I'd love to have a place that good in my neighborhood but I didn't think it was worth a drive across town for.

                                                  It's on Sampson, which is one-way southbound, just north of Harrisburg, so you have to go out Navigation or Canal and head south. Can't miss it. I love what they've done to that little corner of that rather depressing neighborhood.


                                                2. Pappa's Burgers on Westheimer, very good!

                                                  1. Based on recommendations from this board and others, I was excited when a friend called me this morning and asked me to join him for a burger at Lankford's. I was SO psyched to try what so many have called the best burger in Houston.

                                                    Not only was it NOT the best burger in Houston -- not only was it FAR from being the best -- it was downright awful. Soggy buns (that were somehow almost burned as well), absolutely flavorless meat, drenched in Sysco mayo -- I can't recall ever having been as disappointed in a burger as I was in this one. I guess nothing can ever live up to such massive hype, but I really wanted to love this burger and I didn't. The people working there were lovely, and the place has a great down-home "ambience," but I'm afraid I won't be back to Lankford's for a long while.

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                                                    1. re: jim1126

                                                      Then try the specials - enchiladas on Wed. Chicken fried steak on Thur.

                                                      I usually get those now - I like Christians (tailgate Bar) burgers better anyway.

                                                    2. I don't find myself eating at Lankfords much these days. I do remember the burger not being as good as it was10+years ago when I first started eating there but its still a good burger IMO. My favortie burger right now is probably Stantons on Houston Ave across from Montalbano Lumber.

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                                                      1. re: jscarbor

                                                        Have to agree about Stanton's. Great burger, reasonably priced.

                                                      2. it's been a while, but i remember the burgers at Market Square Bar and Grill (downtown) being pretty good

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                                                          1. re: cornkit

                                                            I too remember the Market Square burger being a good one.

                                                          2. Gravitas also has a great burger. It is served RARE so be sure to specify if you have a preference, but the beef is delicious.

                                                            1. I can't believe no one's mentioned Champ Burger over in teh 2nd Ward. That place is an institution. Great charbroiled burger akin to Someburger, except with very fresh fixins. Get it Med Rare and call ahead at lunch time! (304 Sampson St, Houston, TX 77003, off Harrisburg)

                                                              1. For a really great burger, try the Remington Bar in the St. Regis. I know, everybody is going to howl that this is not a "burger joint"! BUT, that said, especially in the late afternoon it has a great atmo with dark booths, lots of wood around the bar, and fab burgers. You can have them medium rare if you so desire, the fries are TERRIFIC, good cheese choices, and there is a whole separate plate with probably 4 or 5 different lettuce choices, pickles, onions, giant tomatoes and the mayo & mustard to add yourself. I think the price is $15, but the burgers are huge--have never been able to eat a whole one. To me, it's the perfect bar burger and ambience.

                                                                1. I've heard Tookie's hasn't returned since Ike.

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                                                                  1. re: texasredtop

                                                                    S. W. Tookies fanatics, rejoice. Stomp's Burger Joint opened Tuesday, and I scouted it out last night. It's plain to see they did a lot of planning, and payed attention to details, both in the building and in the menu.
                                                                    The modest little building sits at 3107 FM-146 next door to the Bayview Duck, at Simpson Street in Bacliff. It's a barn brown wooden structure, and the inside looks like a rustic Texas hill country theme with wild west and farmhouse decor seating 58.
                                                                    None of the beers are mentionable, and there's no patio or smoking. But I can get a vanilla Coke like I always did at Tookies. I can get my "99" fix with Stomp's Southern Bell, or a clone of the "Stomp's Ice House Special" with their Outlaw.
                                                                    Six other specialty burgers go beyond the mentor, and there's a gourmet jalapeno chili kraut dog, a Torchezee that was inspired by the SWT "Bombshell," and huge onion rings that measure up too. Stomp's has menu sections for healthy eating and for kids. It promises to become the bay area's next best burger place for sure. Service is slow while they're working bugs out, but the wait is worth it. Will they be able to pick up the pace after word gets out and the place gets discovered? We'll see.

                                                                    Bayview Duck Restaurant
                                                                    3131 Highway 146, Bacliff, TX 77518

                                                                    Tookie's Restaurant
                                                                    1202 Bayport Blvd, Seabrook, TX 77586

                                                                  2. I believe one of the best burgers is served at The Hideaway on Dunvale. Fresh, not frozen, hand-formed patties grilled to perfection not overcooked. Yummy!

                                                                    1. I'm hearing great things about the newly opened Burger Guys on Westheimer. Anyone been?

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                                                                      1. re: Lambowner

                                                                        We ate at Mooyah Burgers about a year ago on Bay Area Blvd. The burgers were not good at all. The fries were very good, fresh cut and twice fried. But cannot stomach the burger just to get the fries.

                                                                        1. re: texasredtop

                                                                          What restaurants do you like, Texasredtop?

                                                                          1. re: Lambowner

                                                                            I "like" a lot of restaurants. The ones I love are El Tiempo, Mardi Gras Grill, Floyd's, Al-T's, Grotto, Americas, Don Carlos, Morton's of Chicago, Barry's Pizza, and many more. I just ate at Nic's in OK City a couple of weeks ago and WOW, best burger I've eaten since I moved away from Louisiana in 1970. It was so good!!

                                                                            None of the restaurants above hold a candle to my favorites in NOLA though. I like good food but because I am a good cook, it's hard to find somewhere than can top my own dish made at home. Fried chicken and rice and gravy for lunch tomorrow with sauteed spinach, rolls and a crab-apple pie that was made by my friend in northern Alberta that made the trip home with us in the ice chest. Sunday is fried shrimp (there are no better ones out there that I have found). Then and only then will I have my fried food fix for the month and move to eating more healthy things until the cravings kick in again :-)

                                                                            Have you eaten at Mooyah and found it good? Like I said, the ff were great. Burger was blah.

                                                                            Don Carlo's Restaurant
                                                                            8385 Broadway St, Houston, TX 77061

                                                                            Mardi Gras Grill
                                                                            1200 Durham, Houston, TX 77007

                                                                            Barry's Pizza
                                                                            7800 Airport Blvd, Houston, TX 77061

                                                                            1. re: texasredtop

                                                                              Nope, haven't tried Mooyah. But I know where I'm going for rice and gravy today! :)

                                                                              I've been to Al-T's in Winnie, is there another one?

                                                                              1. re: Lambowner

                                                                                The only one is in Winnie. It's hard to find fried frog legs and there's are really good!! I usually plan all trips east where we can eat at Al-T's either heading out or heading back in. Their dirty rice is really yummy too.

                                                                          2. re: texasredtop

                                                                            A lot of comments online make it sound like Mooyah outside of Dallas area locations generally tend to be hit or miss. The ones in Dallas fall in line with the rest of the "better" fast food burger place. Think of a similar tier as Five Guys, Smashburger, or In-N-Out. Some have also argued they are a carbon copy of Five Guys. These are good places for a thin patty style burger, but I wouldn't send someone on a rush to try them out.

                                                                            I've tried damn near everything on their menu because I had a year of free Mooyahs when they first opened:

                                                                            And re: the fries, they asked for all sorts of feedback on how to make them better and they took it to heart. I would also say it's a toss-up between them vs. Smashburger for the best fries, for this style of burger place. However I don't have anything positive to say about the burgers at Smashburger.

                                                                            To me, Tornado Burger in Stafford is the best amongst the "better" fast-food style burger joints. That includes In-N-Out, which to me is severely overrated to begin with and I think there are many burger places in Texas that are just as good or better than them.

                                                                            If I still lived in Houston, Tornado would be my go-to for a burger. The tremendous attention to detail is impressive: hand leafed lettuce, never frozen hand made patties, blanched fries, fresh bread provided daily from a local bakery (just to name a few things). I prefer the way they have spiced the patties. The flavor and kick from that spiceburger has redefined the 2x2 for me. Writing about this really has me craving one now.

                                                                            Five Guys
                                                                            24004 Southwest Fwy Ste 502, Rosenberg, TX 77471

                                                                            1. re: air

                                                                              I had a Tornado Burger last month and I have to agree it is very good (its sister Tornado Taco down the road also gets raves). But as between 5 Guys and Smashburger (which are comparable and forever linked in my mind because they drove into Houston practically on the same day), I choose Smashburger hands down. It depends on your "type." If you are a dry burger type, 5 Guys is your place. But if you like the juicy burger running down your elbows, that's Smashburger. I had a much touted Burger Guys gourmet burger this weekend and was really disappointed that it was overdone and dry.


                                                                              Tornado Burger
                                                                              505 Murphy Rd, Stafford, TX 77477

                                                                          3. re: Lambowner

                                                                            I love Burger Guys! The burgers have great sear on them, I think they use a griddle not a grill. And the fries in duck fat are the BEST i have ever had.

                                                                          4. I'm a Houston native, but spend a lot of time in CA and was thrilled to see that The Counter recently opened on Washington Ave.! They are all about the huge variety of choices offered, high quality meat (no hormones, antibiotics, etc.), cool but laid back atmosphere (definitely family friendly too) - a good fit for the Heights.

                                                                            I love going there because I can have a different meal experience everytime and know that it will be executed well. The other night I had 1/3 beef burger (they also have turkey, chicken, and veggie patties), on a multigrain bun, with feta, mixed greens, scallions, sauteed mushrooms, and tzatziki sauce. I have a business lunch there tomorrow and plan on getting the veggie patty (vegan and fully made in house) in a bowl. I believe they make almost everything in house.

                                                                            Definitely a fun spot. They also have a great beer selection and great priced wines by the glass and bottles.

                                                                            1. Under any header for "Best Burgers" in the Clear Lake NASA area, of course by now y'all must know that Stomp's Burger Joint has brought back or recreated most of S.W. Tookies' fabulous menu, and stands as the reigning champion of burgers anywhere this side of Houston (and maybe beyond).
                                                                              You also know by now that Austin-based Burger Tex stepped aside for another Fish Place, on Bay Area Boulevard. Burger Tex still has a location in nearby Pearwood though.
                                                                              Another Austin burger joint, Five Guys, has a few locations closer to us now, and Burger House has added a couple more too; they mimic Fuddrucker's okay . And Dallas-based Mooyah's is a cut above.
                                                                              Along with long-time and now gone local favorites Jalapeno Tree and Tookies', I've heard people speak with sadness of the demise of South Shore Beer Garden with the last hurricane that also took Tookies. Take heart. SSBG's chef is Joe Lee's brother, and the two have just resurrected SS beer garden's menu inside Joe Lee's Seafood Kitchen just west of SSBG's now empty lot.

                                                                              Burger House
                                                                              395 W Main St, League City, TX 77573

                                                                              South Shore Beer Gardens
                                                                              930 Marina Bay Dr, Kemah, TX 77565

                                                                              Joe Lee's Seafood Kitchen Restaurant
                                                                              1108 Marina Bay Dr, Kemah, TX 77565

                                                                              Tookie's Restaurant
                                                                              1202 Bayport Blvd, Seabrook, TX 77586

                                                                              5 Replies
                                                                              1. re: Pirate Paul

                                                                                Now that is some good news! I will definitely be at Joe Lee's soon!

                                                                                1. re: Cookie Baker

                                                                                  Joe Lee's also has great fresh seafood.

                                                                                2. re: Pirate Paul

                                                                                  Tookie's is coming back. They started Demolition and Rebuild on May 4, to be finished mid-July.

                                                                                  Check out their Facebook page if you wish: www.facebook.com/pages/Tookies/342043...

                                                                                  I have no interest or connection with this restaurant, except I am interested in eating there again.


                                                                                  Tookie's Restaurant
                                                                                  1202 Bayport Blvd, Seabrook, TX 77586

                                                                                  1. re: mprasek

                                                                                    Read in the paper today that the guy that owns T-Bone Tom's, Barry Terrell, is the one reopening Tookies. When he purchased the restaurant the sale included all the recipes. T-Bone Tom's once supplied the meat for Tookie's hamburgers and will again. Fresh ground daily.

                                                                                    Tookie's Restaurant
                                                                                    1202 Bayport Blvd, Seabrook, TX 77586

                                                                                    1. re: Cookie Baker

                                                                                      The Dickens you say. Sounds like a winner.

                                                                                3. I realize this thread is older, but there are three Houston burgers that just can't be topped... and I only saw one listed here.

                                                                                  Beck's Prime is the burger's burger. Hearty and meaty with an awesome texture.

                                                                                  BRC, the amazing Gastropub on Shepherd, offers their slightly sweet Pub Burger as a traditional sandwich AND as a topper for the Pub Burger Bowl... a 'salad' that features garden greens, maple bacon, avocado and their housemade ranch dressing... tossed with the Pub Burger, cut into sixteenths, and ... wait for it... french fries.

                                                                                  Perhaps the most obvious omission from this list of 'bests'... Mockingbird Bistro's American Kobe Beef Buger, topped with a slab of seared foie gras and served on a slow dough onion bun with frites. The best $32 you will spend this week.

                                                                                  Honorable Mention: The Black Bean Burger at Baba Yega in Montrose is the finest veggie burger I have ever tasted.

                                                                                  Mockingbird Bistro
                                                                                  1985 Welch, Houston, TX 77019

                                                                                  1. Out in Katy, I've tried Mooyah and Five Guys. Five Guys is definitely better, and it's our "go to" burger place.

                                                                                    We're still looking, of course, but as of now, that's it for us.

                                                                                    1 Reply
                                                                                    1. re: Jaymes

                                                                                      My one and only burger at Mooyah was absolutely tasteless. How can a beef burger patty have no taste? I would never get another burger there. I did eat all the yummy fries though.

                                                                                    2. I just returned from a trip back home to Houston, and I had a fantastic burger at Ruggles Bakery and Grill in Rice Village. I know, it's not a burger joint nor a greasy spoon, but that really was one fine burger.

                                                                                      1. Wow, 70+ posts and no one has mentioned my favorites:
                                                                                        Bubba's Buffalo Burgers (they serve regular burgers too) - wierd location & not a physical location that impresses

                                                                                        Miller's (they have 2-3) locations, a heart attack on a plate to be sure, but awesome!

                                                                                        Black Lab for their blue cheese burger, though service can be an issue

                                                                                        I'll second the burger at BRC - yum!

                                                                                        1 Reply
                                                                                        1. re: DaTulip

                                                                                          We too like the burgers at Millers.

                                                                                        2. Sad to say, the newly opened Tookies is nothing like the original pre-Ike Tookies. I couldn't wait for the reopening, only to try it and find that it's now more or less a bar. The quality of the meat on the burgers isn't there, and the place is loud, bar-like. I'm a burger aficianado, and have tried the top-recommended places, like Beck's Prime, and Langford's (featured on DDD), and a little bakery that makes good burgers -- across the street from the Blue Bird on Alabama. But honestly the best burger I've had in Houston is at the Avalon Diner on Westheimer. Sad about Tookies; if you're in the area, try Stomps Ice House on 146 in Baycliff for good burgers.

                                                                                          6 Replies
                                                                                          1. re: texasnative1

                                                                                            I was there in the first week they reopened and I found it exactly the same as before and had a great squealer and onion rings. In fact, the only reason we haven't been back was that it was so crowded. I hope it hasn't reinvented itself since the reopening, that would be disappointing. I love Beck's Prime and Pappa Burgers too. I'll have to try Avalon and Stomps.

                                                                                            1. re: texasnative1

                                                                                              I've been back to Tookies twice since it reopened and I too didn't think it was as good as the pre-Ike Tookies. I thought it was just me. I've only had the squealer which is all I ever ordered so I'm not sure I remembered it better then it was or it's just not the same.

                                                                                              My daughter was saying just today that the burgers at Stomps are suppose to be good and that she was told the cook/cooks there once worked at Tookies.

                                                                                              1. re: tlegray

                                                                                                That's true about Stomp's. I'm going to try it tomorrow so I'll let ya know.

                                                                                                1. re: texasredtop

                                                                                                  Well, Stomp's was "different". The burger that was the #99 (I think that was the name of it) at Tookie's is called something else at Stomp's and that is what I got. It was odd. It tasted good but the meat fell all apart and off the burger into pieces when you picked it up. I wouldn't order that one again and if the meat on the other burgers fall apart like that, I'll quit eating there. It was a mess. A tasty mess but not worth the trouble. The onion rings were good and daughter had a grilled chicken sandwich that was very good and not overcooked and dry. It wasn't very crowded and our service was good.

                                                                                              2. re: texasnative1

                                                                                                I had a bacon cheeseburger at Avalon Diner on Westheimer today and it is very good. One of the best ones around in my book. I still like the one I got at Pappy's better (the meat was better) but the one at Avalon was a classic old time burger. Chili cheese fries were just okay. The onion rings were great. Malt was delicious.

                                                                                                1. re: texasredtop

                                                                                                  Get yourself back to Avalon at your earliest convenience for their limeades -- indescribable!!!

                                                                                              3. If you like Langford's, try the Avalon Diner on Westheimer -- way better.

                                                                                                1 Reply
                                                                                                1. re: texasnative1

                                                                                                  Langford's is no longer a contender at all on the Houston burger scene. I had a great burger at Red Lion a few months ago, even called it the best in Houston. When I went back and ordered it again, it was overcooked (cooked through for a medium rare order) and not as good. I still think their meat, bun, veggie combo is an overlooked prize in Houston and will order it again hoping the over cook was a bad day in the kitchen.

                                                                                                2. I recently had a Kobe burger at District 7 on Pierce and thought it was excellent. Its Kobe beef, caramelized onions and mozzarella with their spread. A few too many onions for me so removed about half but I'm looking forward to going back

                                                                                                  1. My lastest best burger in town is Rockwell's Tavern on Telge in Cypress.

                                                                                                    The King Bubba, really good, jalapeno bun, bacon, over easy egg and comes with fries, sweet potato fries or onion rings.

                                                                                                    The guy who opened this place sold it - still tastes the same, but I think he has opened another place called the Love Shack - also in Cypress. I have not eaten here yet, but is on my list

                                                                                                    1. A few friends and I have been on a quest for the best burger in Houston. We are only able to hit the west side of town as well as Katy and Atascocita, but we have come up with a new leader. After consuming pounds of meat, bread and potatoes to try to find a winner, we might have done it. "Jonathan's The Rub" has a really unbelievable burger. When you first see it , you think, "OMG?!". It is 9 ounces of seasoned ground chuck about an inch thick, with a special sauce, two cheeses on a Sheila Partin sweet sourdough bun - and whatever fixins' you want. I've had 4 of these, and as with all burgers, if it is overdone, the taste goes downhill. I did have one over medium burger that was just good and not great. The other times were all remarkable. If not for time issues, I'd have sent back the medium well.

                                                                                                      Our other back-up burgers are Christian's Tailgate, Beck's Prime and for the time constrained - 5 Guys. They are all really good burgers.

                                                                                                      I think if I could get a Rub Burger at Jonathan's with the Cajun fries from 5 Guys, I would be in heaven.

                                                                                                      1. Had a daily groupon and finally hit the shack - really good beef. I had the 5 napkins which is the 8 oz bacon burger with an overeasy egg on it. Really good jalapeno sourdough bun. This is the same as the King Bubba at Rockwell's on Telge.

                                                                                                        Rockewell's and this place is the best burger I have had in Houston (both opened by the same guy). The restaurant is rustic, and mostly outdoors, so my wife and I were the only people there when we went - we sat in a semi-inclosed area right next to a fire, but it was still cold. They had a big fire pit in the courtyard. This is more of a warm weather place, but the burger was really really good.

                                                                                                        I did not get frieds, but plan to get the bacon, brisket, cheddar covered fries next time.

                                                                                                        We plan to take my wife's sister here when she visits from New Jersey.

                                                                                                        1. Not to diss restaurants just trying to make it, but I was sorely disappointed in the newly opened Tookies in Seabrook. It was opened by the folks who've made a success of T-Bone Tom's in Seabrook, which has fairly good food, but the Tookies is a shadow of its former self. It's become more of a bar scene, less emphasis on great burgers. Ditto for Five Guys. I swear I don't know what all the hype is about -- their burger was just mediocre, big wedges of fries are not my fave, and the prices are way out of line for a burger, fries, and a Coke. Lankford's is good but not great, certainly not what it used to be. However, Avalon's burgers are still as great as they've been for 20+ years -- probably because the same cooks have been there for decades. Before you leave this Earth, treat yourself to one of Avalon's limeades. It's on Westheimer.

                                                                                                          3 Replies
                                                                                                          1. re: texasnative1

                                                                                                            I went to Tookie's the second or third week they reopened and it seemed just the same as it had been before. I really liked it. But things can change fast with restaurants. We recently went to Stomps and I wasn't too impressed.

                                                                                                            We both had chocolate malts today as the diet resumes tomorrow. It was too much. Wish I'd known about the limeade before I went :-) But I'll have no problem returning.

                                                                                                            1. re: texasnative1

                                                                                                              Tookie's in Seabrook gets my vote for best burger - I went last weekend and although I'm not a big burger eater, usually get fish or chicken, wanted something different so I ordered a burger for a change. It was the "Squealer" with bacon and hamburger meat ground up together. Maybe it was a fluke or my lucky day but I think that was the juiciest, most deliciously rich-flavorful burger I ever had in my life. It was really fantastic. If they keep making that Squealer like they did last Friday, I'm a burger convert for life.

                                                                                                              1. re: krsyindove

                                                                                                                That's the burger I always get there too and I love it. I've only been once since it reopened and it was just like the old days. Stomps, the new place that opened down 146 that claims to be like the old Tookie's did not win me over at all. It's a good burger but I'll always opt for Tookie's over Stomps.

                                                                                                                A few weeks ago I had another burger at Pappy's on I-10. Just a regular hamburger. It was delicious. They served me frozen fries and I questioned it. You now have to request fresh cut fries but they happily brought me some and all was right with the world. Pappy's is still #1 for me. I think it's the homemade bun that puts it over the top.

                                                                                                            2. When I'm in Tomball I have to eat at Mel's Country Cafe 24814 Stanolind Road 77375 Great hamburgers.

                                                                                                              Red Robin is good especially with all the french fries you can eat.

                                                                                                              1. I had the burger at Red Lion once and was surprised how great it was. Really good.

                                                                                                                1 Reply
                                                                                                                1. re: Lambowner

                                                                                                                  I have always wanted to try the Red Lion, haven't made it yet. I was in Katy yesterday and ate at J-Dubs burger barn www.jdubsburgerbarn.com/

                                                                                                                  Really good burger - wide choice of buns, I had Jalapeno bun with the mushroom cheddar burger. Small dining area, little house really. Best I have had in Katy by a long shot

                                                                                                                2. I have always wanted to try the Red Lion, haven't made it yet. I was in Katy yesterday and ate at J-Dubs burger barn www.jdubsburgerbarn.com/

                                                                                                                  Really good burger - wide choice of buns, I had Jalapeno bun with the mushroom cheddar burger. Small dining area, little house really. Best I have had in Katy by a long shot
                                                                                                                  They say it's a brisket ground beef mix