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May 22, 2013 07:50 AM

Help! Anything good around Victoville?

I have to be in Victorville for a dinner and an early breakfast and would like to find anything worth eating. Any suggestions? The last thread on the subject here is several years old. All cuisines considered...

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  1. It may be a little hard to believe (at least it was for me), but Victorville actually has a Korean restaurant that gets good reviews on Yelp. I don't have any personal experience with it, but would probably try it if out in that area if for no other reason than the incongruity of it all.

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      I have heard that the Korean place is good, but am not sure whether my dining companion likes Korean. The Middle Eastern place called Ala Al Deen gets good Yelp reviews is my fallback if I don't find anything else, but I was hoping for more reliable recommendations here - I have had some poor results from places with good Yelp reviews.

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        Victorville - Dining Crap Shoot! I just found it so surprising that a Korean restaurant found its way to that area I had to link it. As far as breakfast/lunch they have a Molly Browns Country Cafe and while I've been to the one in Hesperia once, and thought it was fine for breakfast,I never knew they had what looks to be two locations out in Victorville and another one in Helendale. A mini empire as it were!

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        It's been a few years but when I had occasion to go to Victorville for my job I would always have lunch at the Korean BBQ place and always enjoyed it. It was buffet style with a grill at your table. The food was fresh and there was a good selection of items. I talked my b/h into stopping there on the way to Las Vegas once and he really enjoyed it even-though he professed not to like Korean food. I think it was the smell of the onions and jalapenos grilling that got him.

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          Thanks for chiming in on this thread, Soozy. I would go if out that way just to say I'd eaten Korean food in Victorville...Did you try any the other places mentioned in this thread, or any not mentioned as far as that's concerned?

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            No, I only had three occasions to be in Victorville and they were a little spaced in time so I would always go to the Korean BBQ because I really did enjoy it that much and I took advantage of being in the area.

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          Been noticing Korean immigrants have been getting involved in ag-related fields in the outlying areas. Maybe somehow related to this?

        3. For a good, thin burger, Freddy's steak burger and frozen custard

          1. Idle Spurs steak house in nearby Barstow is a local institution and with checking out for dinner.

            Also in Barstow is the original Del Taco (stay with me for a minute). It's owned and operated by the founder, and he runs it like a local taqueria.

            Mr Taster

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              Agreed Mr Taster, that Del Taco reminds me of how Del Taco used to be back in the 80's. Everything is better, bigger, more veggis more flavour. It's the one right off the freeway.
              2871 Lenwood Rd
              Barstow, CA 92311

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                Anyone here have an on the ground experience with ? (although I have to say after looking over their menu that they don't seem to be very Mexican at all from what I saw).

            2. Ala' Al-Deen has really good middle eastern/mediterranean food. Very nice family running the place. Your first instinct will be to not go in, as it is a bit of a dive. But, get over that, because their food is solid!

              1. Oops, sorry. Just saw that you mentioned them in an earlier post. However, I think they are the best thing going on in Victorville. Let us know if you find better options.