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May 22, 2013 05:26 AM

Frito Pie in Amarillo

Where can I find the best?
I've heard good things about the Golden Rule, is there better out there?

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  1. Anyone have a response? Surely there must be some folks here from Amarillo

    1. I have never been but I expect to be headed up that way in a few months and have been doing some research. It appears to get thumbs up on many review sites and also in TX Monthly's restaurant section (although they don't say it's the best, but the Golden Rule is one of only 4 restaurants listed in Amarillo, period).

      TM has just named Tyler's BBQ on Paramount as one of the best 50 BBQ places in Texas. At least one Yelper raves about the frito pie there and there is what appears to be a picture of it on Yelp. I plan to stop at Tyler's on my way thru Amarillo, but I will not be ordering the frito pie.

      We've never had many posters familiar with the Panhandle here on CH so I'm doing my research elsewhere.