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May 22, 2013 03:57 AM

Anyone aware of how I can remove this handle off of my kettle?

I accidentally melted part of the handle of my tea kettle and the replacement handle is coming in today. Now I have to actually switch the handles. How would I attempt this? Sorry. Im not that familiar with tools.
Here is the kettle:
And here is the handle:

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  1. You'll probably need a left handed wrench for that.

    Or, have you consulted the owners manual or where you ordered the handle from for info?

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    1. re: Gastronomos

      I actually believed that existed. T_T

      I gave in and asked my dad and he knew exactly what to do.

    2. jlo - your link comes up restricted as porn on my web filter

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        Your filter probably thinks you fap to kettles. :O

      2. Can't tell from the photos — there is not enough detail. If it is replaceable, there must be a fastener at each end. You need to know the type and size of the fasteners. Are those covers over the fasteners which snap on/off? Do they turn without removing a cover?

        1. Hard to say, because the photos don't show enough detail. Assuming the handle attaches with screws, tho, you may need an offset screwdriver to get the one under the handle.

          1. Ah, urban dictionary explains it all (tea kettle) wonder it got flagged

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              Guess you can learn something new every day.