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May 22, 2013 03:24 AM

Leftovers tonite....

I am totally out of ideas for tonite's dinner.
OF course, since it's 5 AM, maybe it's just my tired brain.

Anyway, what would CH's do with....

one each cooked leftover roast chicken thigh and breast, 1 1/2 cooked boneless pork loin chops (Dry dry dry, ack...) and a grilled beef sausage.....

Want to use them up.
Will be feeding DH and 2 grown sons.
Just had stir fry with some of the roast chicken 2 nites ago....

Any ideas for something quick to fix after work?

Thanks :-)

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  1. Simple: Make a big bowl of rice. Maybe dice in some red pepper beaten egg....whatever. As for the 'meats' put them all in one foil pouch and put them in a hot oven for ten minutes. Take them out and put them on a platter of the hot rice, onto the table and say "dig in".

    1. Burrito bowls. Rice, black beans, your choice of chopped veggies. Thinly slice the meats and either separately or together, fry them in a heavy skillet with sliced onions and taco seasoning. Top bowl contents with meat. Avocado and/or crema to top the whole thing off.

      1. Easy! Make a big salad! Thinly slice all the meats and add them to salad ingredients which include romaine lettuce, thinly sliced onion, tomato slices, diced bell pepper and whatever else with which you make a salad. Add a dressing of your choice.

        Since the meats are already cooked, they can be eaten at room temperature.

        BTW, you probably can tell that I like to play with my food. I would gladly eat what I suggested, but my wife doesn't like some of the crazy ideas with which come up.

        1. I would prep each meat so that it has a different flavor, then go from there. Each can have a Mexican taste and everyone can choose what they like and assemble their own tacos with the regular fixings. Or you could do Greek, cube each put them on sticks, bake or broil with some lemon to heat up and make souvlaki, again your family can choose what they like and assemble pitas, just need sliced tomoatos, tzatziki, lettuce. If you want to combine the meats in one dish, maybe adobo?

          1. I can see why you're having a hard time coming up with something appealing out of this mishmash of old meat. I'd be tempted to give it to the dogs and start fresh with something else.