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May 21, 2013 11:48 PM

A Chicago favorite for 75 yrs, Al's Beef (for Hot Italian Beef), now in San Jose The Plant - any reports?

I forgot to mention that a Chicago favorite, Al's Beef, opened up April 15, 2013 in San Jose that I read in the SJ Mercury a while back. The lean beef is suppose to be roasted w/ 19 spices & herbs, sliced paper thin & piled on a specialty roll. Also on the menu: Italian & Polish sausages, Chicago-style tamales, french fries (you can get topped w/ Gorgonzola or chili), wraps, & salads.

Al's Beef
71 Curtner Ave at The Plant, SJ
Open daily 11am-10pm or later

Any hounds been yet?

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  1. Well I've been to the Chicago outposts, anyway. It's hard to imagine it would be that much different here. I personally don't think it's anything earth-shattering, though I like it as a quick lunch. Make sure you get it dipped.

    1. No idea myself, but I just posted a link to the site to a South Bay friend of mine who hails from Chi-town (and somehow hadn't already heard about this outpost opening). He's stoked. Figure he'll report back to me soon enough.

      1. My brother tried it. He got it dipped, said he'd probably like the beef better with cheese on it. Fries ordered well-done were fine. He also got a Polish dog. They're grilled, and William was disappointed that the Polish isn't deep-fried the way the late Chi Dog made them.

        Apparently this is the first one outside of Chicagoland. Another will be opening in Las Vegas.

        1. The polish was not the jew town polish I remembered…however, the italian beef, dipped with cheese…went over quite well. I also enjoyed the blue cheese fries.