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May 21, 2013 11:48 PM

Where can I buy napales(cactus paddles in or around Lynnwood

I really want to try and make them but I can't find them anywhere online! I haven't been to any stores yet

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  1. Online you can buy them in jars, like this (various brands)

    I don't off hand recall seeing them at the Asian and multiethnic stores that I frequent in the area. Most of the Mexican groceries in the area are small with a limited selection of fresh produce.

    The carniceria next to the Lynnwood convention center is a possibility.

    The CostCutter grocery in Everett used to have a lot of Hispanic goods, but apparently it has closed.

    1. I live in South King County, so I don't know if the same would be true in Lynnwood, but our local Safeway has nopales for sale in jars in the Mexican food section.

        1. I have seen them at least occasionally at Uwajimaya

          1. Don't buy the ones in a jar.Run down to Central Market in Shoreline, they will have them fresh.