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Where can I buy napales(cactus paddles in or around Lynnwood

I really want to try and make them but I can't find them anywhere online! I haven't been to any stores yet

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  1. Online you can buy them in jars, like this (various brands)

    I don't off hand recall seeing them at the Asian and multiethnic stores that I frequent in the area. Most of the Mexican groceries in the area are small with a limited selection of fresh produce.

    The carniceria next to the Lynnwood convention center is a possibility.

    The CostCutter grocery in Everett used to have a lot of Hispanic goods, but apparently it has closed.

    1. I live in South King County, so I don't know if the same would be true in Lynnwood, but our local Safeway has nopales for sale in jars in the Mexican food section.

        1. I have seen them at least occasionally at Uwajimaya

          1. Don't buy the ones in a jar.Run down to Central Market in Shoreline, they will have them fresh.

            1. Just bought some at Country Farms, the produce stand on hwy 99 south of 99Ranch.

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                Star produce, a block away from Trader Joes, has both the fresh paddles, and the jars. The paddles are large.

              2. Just saw them at the Winco in Kent, so they might also have them at the Everett Winco~

                1. hmart, sometimes at ranch 99 market, Video Market Michoacan Y Carniceria (in the strip mall behind the lynnwood convention center) and the mexican carninceria on hwy 99 across the street from the vegetable stand, in the strip mall with the korean beef sullang tang soup restaurant. actually most of the mexican carnicerias but the 2 i mentioned are the ones i know for definite.

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                    I stopped at the hwy 99 carniceria as well. They don't have much in the way of fresh vegetables, but they did have the jars. Not a lot of fresh vegetables at the other one either. But I do like their meats. JDs produce is a possibility. I don't recall seeing noptalitos there, but their selection of fresh chiles is good.

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                      i saw nopales at hmart just 2 days ago. maybe it's just for weekends at the carnicerias? i purchased them at michoacan on a saturday when i ate weekend birria there. that was some months ago.

                  2. http://www.amazon.com/Food-Life-Oaxac...
                    Martinez complains that the paddles available in the USA are too large and mature (compared to those available in Oaxaca).

                    1. I believe I've seen nopales at Wal-Mart (South Everett ~ 112th St) in the International/Mexican Food aisle. Also there are a few Mexican markets in Lynnwood/South Everett.

                      Also, you might want to try the Winco in Everett. They may have fresh paddles too.