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May 21, 2013 09:37 PM

Have you ever had to hide any foods or drinks from others ?

I'm just remembering when I had a roommate. He would never replace anything so I began hiding my non perishable food and drinks. Any food or drinks you hide from others?

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  1. Yes, my grown stepson currently lives with us. He can go through some food quick. In the fridge milk gets poured into a Nalgene and leftovers are labeled or put in the produce drawer. Nonperishables get placed in a drawer in the kitchen that he thinks is full of my baking stuff. My husband hides more, but they have more similar food habits. We both hate doing this and he always has access to plenty of food. It's just so frustrating when you are expecting something to be there and have to reformulate on the fly.

    1. We recently flatshared. Nearly everyone there was stealing our food, so we had to bring everything into our bedroom that we could, including our pots & pans, which they also used without our permission.

      They still ate our stuff in the fridge, but nothing we could do about that except move out very very quickly.

      Sometimes, people suck.

      1. We hide chocolate from my husband. Also never buy chocolate ice cream or it disappears. I don't mind the kid eating the chips and things if he would just mention it - is annoying when you go for something that no longer exists.

        1. I have a piece of coconut pie hidden in my pantry right now, so that my Mom doesn't find it when she stops by to pick up my dog this morning. My cousin makes a fabulous coconut pie, and Mom thinks we ate it all at a big family dinner. My cousin made an extra and we aren't telling :-)

          1. ice cream or husband thinks a pint is a single I have to bury it behind frozen veggies so I can enjoy it at my leisure. Chocolate is the same thing, portion control is not his forte.

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              That trick doesn't work with my husband! I had low fat ice cream bars that I put up front and buried the Magnum bars in the back under other foods and it was like they had a locator beacon. He found them in seconds. If I want some for me, I buy flavors that he doesn't like!

              1. re: Jeri L

                My husband also figured out my ice cream hiding strategies. So, while pregnant and not wanting to go without, I bought a container of lemon gelato which he does not like. I ate it myself, then kept the container and refilled it with the good ice cream quite a few times. This went on for most of my pregnancy. One day when I had my ice cream craving, I discovered that my "gelato" container was gone! He said "Well, you haven't touched the stuff in months, so I threw it out!" Ahhh!

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                      "For tis the sport to haue the enginer Hoist with his owne petar" 'Hamlet' III.iv.207

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                        I hope you sent him out to get you more :)

                      1. re: PotatoHouse

                        So then what are the single-serving sized-containers? A pre-serving?