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May 21, 2013 08:44 PM

Favorite recipes with fresh pasta

So, I received the pasta roller attachments for my KitchenAid from a very generous friend for my birthday. It has the sheet roller, the linguine roller, and the spaghetti roller. I'm looking forward to making fresh pasta. I'm also guessing I can make raviolis pretty easily using the sheet roller and then cutting the rest by hand.

So, what are your favorite recipes to use with fresh pasta? I have carbonara and bolognese on the brain already.

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  1. Consider some ravioli recipes using the sheets.

    Can't go wrong with carbonara and bolognese but consider plain old spaghetti and (good) meatballs. By the way, I see bolognese recipes often calling for pappardelle, which I find to be too much pasta on the plate for me. You would probably have to hand cut it too. Lastly, I recently made pasta with canned tuna, lemon, capers and cream that exceeded my expectations (admittedly my expectations were low) - search Food52 for the recipe.

    1. Carbonara and bolognese are my two favorites, but I also like spaghetti all'aglio e olio or cacio e pepe with fresh pasta, since they are simple and really let the fresh pasta shine. I also like fresh pasta for non-traditional lasagne (like butternut squash and sage with goat cheese). You can experiment with colored/flavored pastas as well (spinach, carrot, beet, etc.).

      I have that set of attachments myself, but I almost never use the cutters - I find with fresh pasta, I generally make things that either require sheets or a wider noodle that I can hand cut.

      1. Yeah, ravioli are great -- the filling options are endless. Pretty much anything ricotta-based with your herb of choice + add your favorite cheese to the mix.

        I made taleggio ravioli once. Heaven.

        Or just pasta rags -- cut/tear up the sheets into smaller pieces and just toss with browned butter & sage, or wild mushroom ragu, or gorgonzola sauce.

        Trust me, experimenting with different fillings is the fun part :-)

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          I actually put a ravioli press thingy in my Amazon cart so I'm definitely planning on making some of those. I also put a drying rack in there too.

          I know how to make my own ricotta so I'm foreseeing a completely handmade ravioli dinner in my future.

          1. re: linguafood

            Pasta rags are especially nice if you roll some fresh herbs into the pasta - the whole leaves show through and look just gorgeous!