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May 21, 2013 05:09 PM

Downtown Farmers Market

Can someone tell me if the FM runs all year round on Saturday? I will be visiting mid-October. The one I want to visit is the one not far from the So Congress Bridge

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  1. The closest market to the Congress St. Bridge is the one held in Republic Square (between 4th and 5th at Guadalupe). It is open almost every Saturday morning (perhaps save some holidays or when the city makes it impossible to use the Square) You can get updates at:

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    1. re: akachochin

      Yes, that is the one I went to last time. I will be coming after ACL so hopefully no conflicts. Do you happen to know the vendor that sold breakfast burritos. One of their salsas was legendary.

      1. re: saffrongold

        I'm guessing, but it was probably the folks who sell Taco Deli's tacos and the sauce was likely their Doña sauce. (Green, smooth, pleasantly hot and garlicy) They are always there.

        You can also get their products at (I think) three bricks and mortar locations. The one I go to is at about 4200 N. Lamar. You can google for the others. Others probably will chime in with other Austin sources of similar sauces and great tacos.