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May 21, 2013 04:52 PM

Raleigh: Has anyone tried Babylon?

I recently caught sight of their sign as I was entering downtown. The location is tricky to spot so I have no idea how long they have been there.

Curious about CH experiences...

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  1. The photos look nice but I've heard mixed things about its food. I know that there have been people in the food community (maybe not chowhounds) that have been.

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      Thanks. Yes, the photo's looked good in terms of setting. Looks like a good bar scene! Which made me wonder if the food was worth it.

    2. Persian, Rastafarian, or other?

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        1. I went once. It's a beautiful space - both inside and out. And the Moroccan cuisine was delicious. (The owner is Moroccan and also owns the Mosaic wine bar that's just opposite 518 West.)

          My only issue is that there was not enough "bar food" on the menu. It's a gorgeous place to go for drinks - but I wanted some finger food and small plates, to share with my friend with whom I was drinking. The menu was more dinner-focused. That seems like a missed opportunity.

          1. We went once on a groupon for brunch and will never return based on the terrible food we received. The food was tasteless and not very exciting, granted it was a buffet so I'm not sure what their dinner service is like. The space is lovely though so I hope whomever eventually takes over the location can really put out some top notch cuisine. We really wanted to like this place, especially after having traveled to Morocco in the past and becoming enamored with the food. Sadly this was not to be the case.

            1. I haven't been, but have only heard so-so to not-good things about it from some of my friends that have been...