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May 21, 2013 04:30 PM

Freed Teller & Freed Closing - Tea & Coffee

FT&F will close on May 24th. They have been my source for English Breakfast and East Frisian tea blends for years. What recommendations do the 'Hounds have for a replacement source? India and Ceylon teas are not as common here as China varieties.

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  1. I didn't realize they still had a store.

    Tea-time in Palo Alto stocks a lot of Darjeeling varieties and other Indian teas. They will sell small quantities and brew anything in the store to order.

    Peet's Assam extra fancy is quite decent for the price. I prefer their smokier breakfast teas to English breakfast. Red Blossom has an Assam, but Chinese teas are more their forte.

    I also like some of the blends from Adagio, which you can order online. A good deal is to buy one of their Ingenui-tea steepers with a sampler.

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      They haven't had a store for quite some time, but they ran an online order business out of a warehouse in South San Francisco.

      I used to shop that their Polk Street store many years ago. The family that operated the store were so enthusiastic and helpful. They would always suggest new things to try and talked with you about what you liked to make up custom blends. Sorry to see that they are closing.

    2. Have you tried the Leland Tea Company shop on Bush Street, between Polk & Van Ness?

      1. My regular morning tea is Upton's East Frisian blend (upton tea online). It's an all-Assam blend, unlike some others. They have a CTC version and a fuller leaf one. Upton has exceptional responsiveness (if you call you talk to people who know tea), and they offer samples, so you might give them a try.

        1. When I was a younger man, my parents mail-ordered their teas from Murchie's in Vancouver. They carry some India and Ceylon teas along with a bunch of flavored teas that must be modern concoctions. The usual Chinese suspects as well.

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            I love Murchie's, including the packaging. But I always buy it on vacation, so I've never tried it at home. I really like their blends, which are fairly traditional as opposed to dessert flavors.