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May 21, 2013 04:16 PM

For the non-asian: Have you ever tried/heard of Chinese Herbal Soup?

This topic is for the non-asian out there.

I am looking for some basic research on the popularity level of Chinese herbal soup among North Americans.

Have you ever tried or heard of chinese herbal soup and their benefits? These soups have been in the chinese cuisine and culture for thousands of years and have proven (scientifically as well) that it is part of a healthy diet.

Soups such as chicken with red dates, Ginseng and other herbal ingredients.

Have you ever heard of or tried it? If yes, would you want to try making it at your own home?

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  1. Grace Young, in her first cookbook, has recipes for healing soups.

    1. Yes, I've tried it, and I regularly make 四物湯 at home. I don't particularly believe the health claims associated with them, but I like the tastes. I am North American, but I live in Taiwan, so I may not be a good sample.

      I will say that these are generally an acquired taste if you haven't grown up with it - the flavours of many of them are *very* foreign to western taste, and I think would be a hard sell generally, sort of like trying to push stinky cheese in Taiwan.

      1. Have I heard of it? yes. Have I had it? also yes. Would I like to try making it at home? I probably will eventually.

        I'm a Canadian who's lived in Sri Lanka 10 years and Singapore 1 year, so I'm not exactly typical North American.

        1. I watched a show where the new mom was given a special soup by her Chinese mom to help shrink her uterus and help with milk flow. The new mom did not enjoy it but ate it.

          1. I've never heard of these referred to as herbal soups. If you said "medicinal soups" or something that referred to their associations with traditional Chinese medicine I'd know exactly what you're talking about.

            FWIW I'm Asian.