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May 21, 2013 04:06 PM

Favorite recipes for skinny minny asparagus?

I love roasted asparagus and usually try to get a particular size of spears which I enjoy but with the spring onslaught of asparagus the sizes have been quite variable from very fat to teeny weeny. I can always shave them or roast the bigger spears longer but I haven't found a good way to prepare the small spears. Do you have any favorite recipes for the skinny minny asparagus spears?

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  1. We roast the skinny ones, too. Tossed in oil, salted, and cooked until the whole thing caramelizes (not just the tips as with the fat ones). A bit of balsamic and served over the top of a grilled steak. Sort of an edible garnish like when you used to get a steak served with an onion ring or two, or a big broiled (?) mushroom on top. Warning.....a lot of shrinkage here.

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      Every weekend we have a supper of seafood and roasted asparagus cooked the way you mention but sprinkled with lemon juice before serving.

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          I usually go 400 in the regular oven and 425 in the toaster oven for about 20 minutes. I watch the skinny ones a bit more closely near the end. The difference between caramelized and burnt can be just a few minutes.

      1. gave a few ideas over on the other thread but just thought of another one. Maybe bundle them up and wrap in prosciutto, and then roast?

        1. I try and avoid the super skinny asparagus too because to me, asparagus is at its absolute BEST when the bottom part is peeled. The really skinny ones are always so woody even when a good couple of inches are cut off at the bottom. However, I think the little ones would still do great, blanched and cut into really small 'peas' then tossed with a dressing of soy sauce, sesame oil and rice wine vinegar and hit with a quick dash of sesame seeds.

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              I used some lhis way last night as part of a risotto primavera. It was a hit with the Mrs.

            2. ditto on the roasting idea - olive oil, kosher salt and a high temperature - sometimes i'll grill 'em instead. bacon bundled isn't a bad idea either -

              1. Asparagus pea lemon risotto