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May 21, 2013 03:33 PM

Q&A with Javier Plascencia

Nice little article and Q&A with Javier Plascencia about his cooking philosophies and life. Having eaten at many of his locations, I can attest to the fact that he is doing so much with what Baja offers.

Not sure I'd really want to try those cow udder garnishes, but who knows, maybe, under the right circumstances I might.

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  1. I received this article from another source and I love it.

    Quote from JP: "I am bringing my cuisine, my northern flavors, and my message. I want to show people how warm and down-to-earth we [people from Tijuana] are. I want to invite everyone to come to Tijuana to enjoy our cuisine, show them the richness and wealth of our land. We have a lifestyle that many envy. We have the beach, the valley, the mountains. We have a bounty of everything. I want people to know that we work very hard to change what people think Tijuana is. And I know that it is now our turn to do that, that it is up to us to deliver that message and to pull Tijuana forward. I was born in Tijuana, and I will die here."

    Fascinating and inspiring.

    Thanks, DD

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      Plus, he's just really a nice guy.

      Have you been to his place in V de G...Finca Altozano? Totally relaxing, great food, probably some of the best flour tortillas I've eaten in quite a long time. Just a really nice place to while away an afternoon

      1. re: DiningDiva

        Planning on going there when mija visits me again from Aliso Viejo. :) and :)