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May 21, 2013 11:52 AM

Kid-friendly spots with good food in Del Mar

We'll be heading out to SD from NYC for a few days in June with our 2 year old daughter. We're staying at the Grand Del Mar, and would love to get recommendations of good food spots around the area, or must-tries that are within a 30-minute drive. Definitely looking for casual and mid-range options, rather than anything fancy.

Ideally we'd be able to hit a good fish taco spot, a good mexican spot, a good seafood/oyster spot and anything else that SD is known for. I've read some reviews on good Pho, so would be interested in checking that out as well. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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  1. Urban Plates is a good, kid-friendly, casual spot not far from your hotel:

    1. Tony's Jacal -- Mexican -- Solana Beach
      The Brigantine bar/lounge -- fish tacos -- Del Mar
      Blue Ribbon Pizza -- artisan pizza -- Encinitas
      Grill at the Lodge -- burgers & view -- Torrey Pines
      Mille Fleurs patio/Casual Menu -- french -- Rancho Santa Fe
      The Fish Market - Oyster Bar -- Solana Beach
      Red Tracton's -- old school steakhouse -- Solana Beach
      Market Restaurant -- California cuisine -- Del Mar
      Davanti Enoteca -- Italian food sans pasta -- Carmel Valley
      Le Bambou -- Frenh influenced Vietnamese -- Del Mar

      All should happily accomodate a two-year old. As for good Pho, you'll have to travel to the Mira Mesa/Claremont area.

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        Fantastic. Thanks for the suggestions. Are there any notable sushi spots in the general area?

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          Wank..solid list.
          I would add;
          Kaito for sushi
          Pony Room at Ranch Valencia resort.
          Claires on Cedros
          Inn at RSF
          Roberto's Del Mar/Carmel Valley
          Lodge at Torrey Pines
          Glider Port
          Betys Taco shop
          la Norte especial
          Georges at the Cove Ocean Terrace
          Carolinas at Scripps pier