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May 21, 2013 11:13 AM

Paula Deen museum.

I'm not making this up. Some people including her ex-husband think it is a good idea:

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  1. Will it be carved out of butter?

    1. It is, especially if they stuff her and put her up for display

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      1. re: hueyishere

        Great new concept: Madame Tussaud's butter museum.

      2. She's a lot more interesting than the Kardashians....

        1. There's a couple things to consider here.

          First of all, this woman literaly built herself up from flat broke to rich and famous. As she says in the article "Proof the American dream does exist." Is it a bad thing to honour someone who worked hard for what they've got??

          Secondly, can anyone think of a reason to go to Albany, Georgia?? I mean no disrespect to the fine folks there as from what I can tell from pictures it's a wonderful, quaint southern town. But a tourist mecca it ain't. So if this generates traffic and ultimately revenue for the city, good for them.

          So yes, yes it is a good idea.


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