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May 21, 2013 10:34 AM

Chocolate Cake For Breakfast?

Thinking about Bill Cosby's bit about giving his children chocolate cake for breakfast and his wife's resulting reaction, makes me wonder. Have any of you fed your children (or yourself) something for breakfast that your spouse (or parent) had a "negative reaction" to?

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  1. Being currently at about 310lbs I've probably had just about everything "inappropriate" for breakfast at some point in my life. The one that got the ire of my parents the most, back in the day, was my "kegs and eggs" beer omelettes.

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      I have to agree with you about inappropriate breakfasts. I eat lunch early, usually, and I'm not actually hungry before then, but if I eat breakfast, and I don't do it often on weekdays, it's gonna be something other than dry toast and a half a banana. Not necessarily with the whole smorgasbord, but it would be an omelet, or chicken fried steak (the ones at work on Wednesday are tasty and nice and small, but satisfying), or a quesadilla or menudo or an omelet or a couple of fried eggs or three. Or dim sum on a Sunday- that's a meal that will last until the next day as far as I'm concerned. So sue me.

    2. It didn't get a negative reaction from anybody but the most bizarre thing my son ate for breakfast was, all one winter, sweet potatoes. We had bought a bushel of them and he loved them. I had to leave for work before he had to get up for (senior high) school so I would put a big sweet potato in the oven to bake and when he got up it would be ready. He would eat it busted open and filled with butter and brown sugar and have three or four glasses of milk with it. Did not seem the worst thing for him to have in his stomach as he set out in the snow---but...unconventional.

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        Doesn't seem to me like a bad thing to eat at all. In fact, I may try that. I love sweet potatoes. The more I think about it, the better it sounds- fiber, vitamins, minerals, fiber, natural sweetness, wow. I'm going to the store tomorrow and get a few sweet potatoes for my breakfasts. I can take them to work and gobble them down there.
        Thank you for that suggestion.

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          Funny, Querencia, I did this during my Senior year too! Except I topped mine with a dollop of plain yogurt and cinnamon in addition to the butter. So comforting.

        2. "Daddy's great - he gave us chocolate cake!" I love that episode!

          Sr. Swanky gave me a hard time the other day for giving my boys hot buttered mini pretzels for breakfast. I told him, "Think of them as savory waffles!"

          1. Occasionally, when the mood strikes, I eat a couple of tins of sardines for breakfast, with good mustard.

            This freaks the living daylights out of my H.

            1. Take said chocolate cake, put it into cupcake form, replace frosting with chocolate chips, and then mega-size it and call it a muffin. Now it's a legitimate breakfast!