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May 21, 2013 10:33 AM

Get hoppin' and head to The Dead Rabbit

Just spent a couple wonderful hours at The Dead Rabbit last night and wanted to make sure it gets on the radar of booze lovers. Started downstairs in the Tap Room which is more along the lines of a beer bar with craft beers, bottled punches, and lots of whiskeys. We had what were called pop ins, it's a glass of beer (Leipzinger Gose - a beer using some salt in it's brewing) and one ounce of a liquor is added to it, I had the citrus (orange) and GF had the vegetal (rhubarb). We were told they are a genuine item from back in the 1600's, we enjoyed them very much, mine was way too easy to drink and I think you could put them away before you knew you were "in trouble", my GF's was much more interesting taste wise and was oddly addictive. We also shared some fried (chips) which were hot and not the least bit greasy, really good bar food. A little while after the Parlour opened (at 5:00) we headed up there to try a cocktail (the Parlour focuses more on communal punches and 72 historically-accurate cocktails as well as small plates. I had a drink from around 1860, a whisky Smash (Rye Whiskey, lemon sherbet, fresh lemon juice, mint, tansy tincture) and it was awesome, so tasty, my GF had a Montana Club (I think) and it was good, really good but almost the opposite ned of the spectrum from mine. We also shared a cheese plate which was a very good deal for I think like $12 (maybe $14?). We had to get somewhere (good thing or we may still be there) so this is all we got to try but we'll be heading back real soon.

Service was OUTSTANDING, fun and friendly and knowledgeable without ever having a hint of phoniness, everyone really seemed to be enjoying their work.

Highly recommend for anyone that likes well crafted cocktails in a beautful, friendly surrounding.

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  1. Spiritchaser, better for early dinner vs. lunch?

    Might have to try a pop in. Or absinthe if they have it. The whiskey smash also sounds good.

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    1. re: financialdistrictresident

      Well, if you want to eat and drink I would say getting there early for dinner and getting seated in the Parlour is the way to go BUT we have had several fun, relaxing lunches in both the Parlour (weekdays only for lunch) and the Taproom.

      We have always started with a pop in, just a nice way to get things rolling then moved on to cocktails. Since you mentioned absinthe they do have something called the "green hour" (5-7?) where oysters and absinthe cocktails are on special.

    2. I'm just planning another trip to NYC and trying to find a way to fit this in. I just realized that I was under the mistaken impression that the Parlour had more options than the Taproom, when it appears that the opposite is true. I can't wait to check it out on a Sunday! Woot!

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      1. re: pizzajunkie

        Drinks wise the Parlour has more selections, food wise the Taproom has more selections unless it's weekday lunch and then they have the same selection food wise.

        1. re: pizzajunkie

          For cocktails or food? The Parlour Room has a literal bound book of cocktails. And a specials list.

          1. re: kathryn

            Thanks, kathryn. I want one of those little bound books :)

        2. Hopped over recently.

          We had the same experience re: service. The gentleman at the door explained what was on the different floors and that if we wanted to go to the Parlour (second floor) the hostess would seat us. We peaked into the bar. The hostess seated us on the second floor. Two of the servers had on red dresses. Reminded me of the days when people dressed.

          The Parlour (second floor) which was quiet and mellow when we arrived, quite lively and crowded when we left. Never saw the third floor. What's up there?

          Now on to the cocktails and food. They served us pico (?) punch in little tea cups, and a small side glass of water. So civilized. My friend had a cocktail with champagne and absinthe, quite green. I don't remember the name of my cocktail but it was sour and had whisky and absinthe. Yellow-ish in color. Something lopper or hopper?

          Of course we had the $1 oysters during "green hour." Couldn't help reminiscing about "The Big Oyster" and the beds that once sustained the poor.

          My friend had the salmon with caper berries and fresh sliced apples (they were very accomodating to her gluten free dietary requirements).

          I had the zucchini fritters which came with 2 sauces (mustard and ?). Around $8 for three medium sized fritters. They were okay but I'd probably try something different next time. I restrained myself from ordering the bread with shrimp scampi sauce.

          They'll be open a year in February. The hostess told us there may be a volume 2 of the cocktail book then. The cocktail books are available for purchase online. What a clever idea.

          Different, interesting, civilized.

          Can't wait to hop back over there and try a pop in.

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          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            The 3rd floor is private events, I think.

            The "amuse" of punch is a really nice touch.

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              The 3rd floor is a private event space as kathryn mentioned and it is quite boring, we were up there for a Manhattan Cocktail Classic event and it's really just a room with a small bar.

                1. re: financialdistrictresident

                  3rd floor is open to the public randomly I think. I went for the first time in June and the 'cocktail room' as they referred to it was open, there was a private party of 15 ppl by the window but they were letting others go up and sit at the bar or at one of the high tops.

                  It is definitely geared more for events, given how the space is decorated (or lack of compared to the tap room and the parlour) and the removable furniture and bar.

                2. I can't wait to go! Talking about Irish owned pubs, has anyone been to the Fraunces Tavern now it's been taken over by the people who run the Temple Bar in Dublin?

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                  1. re: bronwen

                    Walked by Fraunces recently. Almost forgot about it. Haven't been in ages. Another place with rich history.

                    I needed lunch places recently and Fraunces might be close enough (near Fulton/John) for them when they get tired of Acqua, Les Halles and the Open Door Gastropub:


                    Need to get back there.