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May 21, 2013 09:11 AM

Best spot for cream tea in Cornwall?

We are looking for cream tea recommendations in Cornwall. We are staying near Redruth at a farm so I suppose it would be best if you could recommend something near St.Ives, Newquay or Falmouth? Within 30mins would be nice.

We have kids (who may or may not be joining us?) and we are a fairly large party so nothing tooooo tiny or formal.

Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. The Boskerris Hotel in St. Ives is supposedly a fantastic place. I see on their website that they do an afternoon tea, and I'd imagine it's a very nice one... and served on a terrace.

    1. You are in area where you will find cream teas around every corner. Best to ask the people you are staying with as they will be most up to date.

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        I'm just back from neighbouring Devon and found just about everywhere offered a cream tea. It should be relatively easy to do a good job - making a scone is possibly one of the easiest jobs in the kitchen. Then it's just a matter of serving good jam and cream. And your drink of choice.

        I think the jam is the key that separates the good from the indifferent. I had two teas while I was away. First place (a little cafe at the beach) served a homemade jam - identifiable pieces of strawberry and not overly sweet. Second place delivered a tea that looked lovely but the jam was just catering stuff and tasted of nothing but sugar.

        Phil's suggestion to ask where you're staying is a good one.

        1. re: Harters

          Not just the jam, but also the cream. Make sure you get "Clotted Cream". Which in Cornwall and Devon should be the default. I have however, experienced whipped cream - which is a heinous crime.

          This is one of my favourite eating places in Cornwall.

 - not had their cream tea however.

          1. re: Harters

            I think the reverse: the scones are almost always what separate the good from the indifferent; precisely *because* making a scone is a relatively easy job, it seems to tempt a lot of places into thinking that people will treat them as a "default", without much variation in quality, and focus on good jams and creams while making or even buying industrial-grade scones. And freshness is critical, which is often lacking as well. What I find especially surprising is that the number of tearooms whose scones are made with all butter instead of some ghastly vegetable fat (palm oil is the most likely culprit) is almost so small as to be countable on the finger of one hand. As far as I'm concerned all butter is an absolutely mandatory prerequisite for a tearoom to be considered even reasonable.

            Speaking of which, can someone recommend a good one (with all butter scones, and, yes, lovely jam and cream as well) in Plymouth?

          2. re: PhilD

            PhilD, you seem to know your way around Cornwall as a past contributor on the Chow pages. I am looking forward to a week in Crackington Haven (family connection) later this month, which seems to be a fair drive from any place notable to eat. Anything you suggest within a half hour+ drive, in Bude, Widemouth, Tintagel? Many thanks.

            1. re: ned

              Sorry to say that my knowledge of specific places is a bit dated as I moved from the UK a few years ago.

              1. re: PhilD

                Thanks for replying. Can't go too wrong, I suppose.

                1. re: ned

                  There is slot of good food down there, but equally lots of pretty bad stuff. Rick Stein and Nathan Outlaw have run great kitchens for years and their alumni are now heading their own kitchens across the country so the choices are getting better. Good to do some digging around various sites and guides to try and suss out what's good at the moment. That said a simple fresh crab sandwich at a pub on the beach a few years back still stands out - over near Fowey I am afraid.