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May 21, 2013 07:50 AM

Near Schroon Lake

We are renting a cottage in July, we have done so before and know the area well; looking for "finer" dining suggestions

We know Friends Lake Inn, Owl at Twilight, Bistro Du Lac up in Westport
and others in Lake George

So, what else is there ?

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  1. When we were in that area last year we enjoyed Bar Vino in North Creek. Unpretentious but very nice.

    1. There is a great farm to table experience in Westport named DaCy Meadow Farm. Check out there website! Also Cafe Adirondack in Pottersville. Great new place in Vergennes: 3 Squares Cafe and also Black Sheep Bistro. New place in Chestertown called The Bullhouse but not great reviews as yet because of service mostly. Then we have a new restaurant opening in Schroon Lake on Rte 9 across from Davis Rd. called Sticks and Stones. New micro brewery also by Exit 27 opening end of June.

      1. I never expected so much info so soon

        Nice job