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May 21, 2013 07:02 AM

Croatia and Bosnia Suggestions?

Hi there!

We're heading to Croatia and Bosnia in a few days and I thought I'd see what the Chowhound community recommends in each country as the best restaurants.

In Bosnia, we'll hit Sarajevo and Mostar.

In Croatia, we'll hit Zagreb, Split, Hvar, Vis, and Dubrovnik.

Thanks in advance! We appreciate your suggestions and expertise.

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  1. These are well regarded.

    Ribarski Brevijar, Tac, Marcellino, Vinodol, Didovsan

    Restaurant Dubrovnik, Taj Mahal, Nishta (vegetarian)

    Hotel Park, Kod Kapetana

    1. I'd like to add some thoughts about Split, Croatia: Konoba Tinel and Konoba Matejuska are both very good and very fresh.
      If you are looking for a more modern setting, I would strongly recommend Trattoria Grego levante - the atmosphere is unique!
      Also - across both countries, don't forget to feast on some burek (for breakfast/lunch) - stuffed cheese, spinach or meat pies and ─ćevapi - a grilled dish of spiced minced meat, not unlike mini-kebabs. Enjoy

      1. Along the Dalmatian Coast, be sure to have some fish soup. Very simple and very tasty.

        1. Proto is very good for seafood in Dubrovnik. Pizzeria Scala and Pizzeria Mea Culpa have good, substantial pizzas for cheap in Dubrovnik.If you don't mind going a bit of a way out of the old city, you can have a very romantic seafood dinner at the Orsan Yacht Club. Even further away from the Old City, the Hotel Bellevue has a nice restaurant, Vapor.

          I second the recommendation for Vinodol in Zagreb. Great for central European fare, one of the best meals I have ever had. Kerempuh, near the market in Zagreb, has lovely Dalmatian food. The sea bass there is very good. Noktorno has good pizzas in Zagreb.

          1. I know it is too late now, but maybe it will help someone else.

            In Croatia it is extremely important to know where to go, cause unfortunately it is one of those countries where homecooking often exceeds affordable dining options in restaurants. (high-end restaurants serve great food, but are very expensive, pretty much overpriced).

            In Bosnia, definitely try cevapi (Zeljo and Ferhatovic Petica are usually a safe choice). Bosnia is very cheap, and food is very similar to what you would find in Turkey but with less vegetables and more starches. A lot of pite (pies) and turkish style deserts (in sugary syrup).

            Zagreb has been undergoing a gastronomic revolution and there are a lot of new restaurants that set new standards for all true foodies in the region.
            My favorites in Zagreb include Takenoko (try their fusion dishes), Zinfandel's (the main dining room in the fin de siecle hotel Esplanade, a little expensive but so worth it), Karijola for pizza, Ribice i tri... (for a taste of Dalmatia in the capital), Prasac (set menu, talented chef),
            However, if you are primarily looking for great food in Croatia, don't miss out Mala Hiza 2 hours away from Zagreb. The food is a divine - traditional flavors combined with great creativity.

            In Split, Nostromo at the fish market is a very nice place. There are so many new restaurants it is impossible to recommend just one. There are also plenty of traditionak konobas to check out in the city centre.

            In Vis, the best places are Pojoda and Vatrica in Vis, an informal restaurant on a farm in Zena Glava, Bako in Komiza (dont miss out the tour to the Blue Grotto).

            In Dubrovnik if you get bored of the grilled fish and dalmatian cuisine, the food is superb in Oyster and Sushi bar Bota and the veggie place Nishta ("nothing" :)) )

            Also, don't miss visiting Istra - the cuisine there is spectacular. And many of the best Croatian restaurants are there (Kukuriku, Le Mandrac..)

            This a great website to check out: