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May 21, 2013 06:45 AM

Special Dinner for 15 - looking for ideas...

Heading out with a group of women on a weekday evening to celebrate a special occasion. Most of us are in our 40's. At least a few in the group are vegetarian so definitely want some good veggie options. We could have a private room or not. Price-wise, I'd say no more than $75 per person, all-in. All cuisines are on the table. Wondering if Chantecler or Edulis could accommodate our group, and if we'd stay within the budget. Also considering Woodlot or even the rooftop patio at Terroni on Price, which is a great space. Playa Cabana would be fun but the original location is too small for our group - can the one in the Junction accommodate? Assuming Daisho large format wouldn't be so great for the non meat eaters. Other ideas? Thanks.

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