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May 21, 2013 06:32 AM

Bordeaux Great Value for Money, says Robert Parker (WTF???)

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  1. I suppose when you have $15 + million in the bank, most anything looks like a good value.

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    1. re: Veggo

      Don't confuse classified growths of Bordeaux with all Bordeaux. There is excellent value in Bordeaux if you look for it.

      There are many unclassified Bordeaux reds from a specific appellation. On the label you will see appellations simply designated as "Medoc," "Cotes de Blaye" or "Fronsac." These wines are typically a good bet for solid, value-driven Bordeaux.

      Additionally there are two other types of wines, designated as Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur. These are the generic wines of Bordeaux and make up about 50% of the wines from the region. These wines may source grapes from all over the region and usually sell in the value wine category, with Bordeaux Supérieur priced on the higher end due to grapes sourced from older, more mature vines. The label designate will simply read, "Appellation Bordeaux Controlee." Perhaps the most well known example is Mouton Cadet, a very drinkable bargain Bordeaux typically selling around $8 a bottle.

      1. re: dinwiddie

        While I agree that there is a "World of Bordeaux" out there, this is *not* (IMHO) what Parker was talking about.

        QUOTE: >>> "When I started, there were close to three dozen world-class wines made in was 1978. Today, there are probably 300-400 world-class wines made in Bordeaux," he (Parker) said in the interview, published on Tuesday. <<<

        1. re: zin1953

          I don't see that Parker was only talking about classified growths (obviously not since he said 300-400 wines.) If you look at the WS ratings for 2010 Bordeaux, there are 34 wines that scored 90-92 points, cost less than $50, and were made in quantities of at least 5000 cases. So you can get some world class Bordeaux for under $50 fairly easily. It won't be on the par of Petrus or Chateau Latour, but definitely a world class wine.

          Or, look at a wine like the 2010 Château Monbousquet which the WS gave 95 points (in their classification and outstanding wine) that costs way, way less than most classified growths. I know it is a Saint-Emilon, but they consistently produce an excellent wine for a very affordable price.

          1. re: dinwiddie

            I never mentioned "classified growths." There are over 2,000 estates in Bordeaux.

            OTOH, we're back to definitions: what is a "world-class wine"?

            1. re: zin1953

              I didn't say you did, but veggo seems to think that the only wines in Bordeaux that RP thinks are "world class" cost an arm and a leg and a left testicle.

              Yes the 1st and 2nd growths cost a bundle, and so do the 3rd, 4th, and 5th for the most part, but I don't think "world class" means wines the year in and year out are "95 pointers or better." (And I didn't say you said that either.) I think they are wines that are consistently very good to outstanding and have a real presence in the glass.

              1. re: dinwiddie

                I enjoy, and really enjoy, 1st growths only a few times per year. I wish I had more frequent opportunities to celebrate, but that is my problem!

    2. He thinks Bordeaux is better known thanks to him? What conceit! I mean noone had heard of the region 35 years ago, right.

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      1. re: kagemusha49

        Anybody who doesn't think that Robert Parker had a profound effect on the wine world just has not been paying attention. You don't have to agree with him, but for years he was the most influential critic in the world. If he wasn't hundreds of wineries wouldn't be accused of changing how they make wines just to cater to his tastes.

        My personal opinion is that for Bordeaux, he was a must read. However, I never agreed with his palate when it came to Australian wines and found there were others I felt more in line with when it comes to Cabs from Napa or PNs from Sonoma or White Burgundy.