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Southern Vegetarian Indian?

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Yes, yes, I admit I watched "Gordon Ramsay's Best Restaurant" on Netflix, and now, based on one of the finalist's cuisine, I want southern indian food. As in, food mainly from the Gujarat or Kerela region--as in vegetarian, as in no tikka this or rogan josh that. I had heard of a place in Columbia Heights called Nala Pak, but it seems it's closed. The closest I can find is Everest on Grand, which is not exactly hitting the mark.
Any gems anywhere in the Twin Cities?

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  1. Doas King. It's way the hell towards Blaine, but it's worth it. I don't know specifically what region it is, but it's all vegetarian. The staff is really friendly if a bit unpolished. 3 of us tried to order the 3-person 5 course meal once, but were talked down to the 2-person, and it was still plenty of food.

    Dosa's are giant crepes with a filling. Think "Indian-style burrito". Eaten with the hands generally. Some are comically big.

    I love the kofta "meat"balls. I want to be buried in that sauce. Gobi Manchurian also rules.

    http://dosaking.webs.com/menu.htm - warning: music starts playing, the controls are at the very bottom of the page.

    Another hole in the wall is India Cafe in Richfield. I don't think they are region-specific, but had plenty of vegetarian options.

    Gordon Ramsay rules. No apologies necessary.

    1. I thought I heard that Bombay Bistro in DT Mpls offers South Indian at one side of their restaurant, and N Indian at the other. Though I could be mistaken ...

      1. I've been to India Cafe in Richfield and prefer Surabhi in Bloomington. It's also spicier.

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          For what it's worth, my Sri Lankan girlfriend went to Dosa King last night, and prefers India Cafe.

          Will have to check out Surabhi.

        2. now I am not a local, but a search says, these places have what you are looking for:
          - Malabari Kitchen: http://malabarikitchen.com/
          - Annapurna Bhavan: 4920 Central Ave NE

          Also, a tiny little thing to clarify:

          Gujarat is not part of South India. It's Central or Western Indian at best. This is from both, an entho-cultural point of view as well as geographical. It is also 99% vegetarian, which is a lot more than South India, which has a substantial amount of seafood and meat (even beef) in the diet.


          South India is (loosely) defined by the 4 southern states. Their cuisines have a vast array of non-vegetarian dishes (especially Andhra cuisine) and lentils and rice are the foundations.
          Gujarati food is a lot blander/simpler. You won't find any Sambar or Idli or Dosa here. What you will find is Dhokla, Dal, Baati & Churma. The cuisine is based on grains, root veggies and grains.