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May 21, 2013 05:43 AM

ATL Saturday Night Dinner w/ Teens

We'll be in town for a school trip and are looking for a place for dinner Saturday night. We're staying downtown but are happy to go anywhere convenient to MARTA. Our group will likely consist of 4 adults and approximately 12-14 teens. We need something reasonably priced. I'm hoping you all can help, because I really, really don't want to get stuck eating at a chain restaurant or somewhere with sub par food.

Also, if you have recs for lunch on Friday-Sunday downtown near the Hyatt Regency, that would be lovely as well.


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  1. give us some thoughts on what kind of foood you like and maybe a budget number

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      No higher than $15-20 for an entree, and if we could keep it to $15 or below that would be fantastic. I guess we need pretty standard fare since we'll have picky teens with us, who may not be willing to go too far outside their comfort zones.

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          i love einsteins,the restaurant--there are sevarl bagel shops uder same name--i think its on Juniper just off peachtree.They get crowded on weeknds so make res--most fun is eating outside under the trees if possible.Antica pizza is very good too again gets crowded,very young hip crowd there too.Steer clear of undergroundI also reall y like baraonda--i think a full meal would be over 15 but they make decent pizza as well--very good wine by glass

          1. re: bobstripower

            I think we're going to try Einstein's for Saturday night. It seems to have a pretty diverse selection so that everyone can find something they're happy with. We're going to call and make reservations. Thanks for your help.

            Do you agree that everyone should be able to find something if we all head to downtown Decatur Friday night?

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              as i said if weather is nice sitting outside is very cool.You might look at for decatur places--my daughter lived there a few years agoand there were lost pf places to eat--illlook and see if i can recallsomeof the better food places and repost

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                Ok heres a previous post
                We liked the Brick store--not expensive,young crowd, good serviceand value Iberian Pig is very good but not sure about price point

        2. If you don't mind a pub type place check out Cypress Pint and Plate near Midtown Station or North Ave.
          Also near North Ave station is Baraonda (good and affordable Italian).
          Near Arts Station is Tap or Front Page News.
          Closer to your hotel...Ted's Montana Grill.

          For lunch one of those days you could check out Underground Atlanta. Big food court there.

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            I'd avoid underground - nothing really worth eating there. If you want the kids to find their own options, Peachtree Center Mall (right at P'tree Ctr MARTA station) has typical mall offerings, plus one decent little Indian spot that looks like nasty mall food but is very good (can you tell I'm not a fan of malls?). Better off hitting Broad St. with tons of little lunch spots (you'll find them all listed on this board if you search Broad St.). But they're small, so you might try to go early or late.

          2. Thanks for the help! For Friday night, is there enough within walking distance in downtown Decatur to just let all the kids roam a bit and find dinner?

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              sure theres plenty of spots in Decatur--not sure they will all be under 15 though--guess w/o driks its possible--dont wander too far off the main area though--a few blocks out can be tricky late--if you stay with the crowd youll be fine

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                Plenty of options in Decatur for kids and great for walking around.
                Raging Burrito
                Farm Burger
                Taqueria del Sol

                When I mentioned The Underground earlier for a lunch in downtown, it was purely for teenagers who would find the shops interesting, and food courts work well with kids. I've worked with teenagers for 20 years. If we were from out of town, that might be interesting for them. I wouldn't eat, but sometimes on these trips we chaperones sacrifice.