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May 20, 2013 10:21 PM

Atlantic Beach, NC recs?

Going to Atlantic Beach, NC for a week later this summer, I would appreciate any restaurant recommendations.

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  1. A friend of mine has a place in Atlantic Beach. It seems like everytime she is there she and my sister go to the Island Grille.

    The menu looks very good - reviews are good too. Monday and Tuesday they have a special buy 1 entree get one free on a special menu.

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      Thanks Jeanne, I'll check it out. Most of the previous hound's recs center on Beaufort and Morehead City, with the consensus that Atlantic Beach restaurants are by and large pretty poor. I'm glad to hear that at least one place is worth checking out.

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        You might want to check out Amos Mosquitos also. I've been but it's been a long time since I've been. My above mentioned friend also goes here - more casual, a bit lower priced. Can get very busy in the summer.

        Also, if out and about driving around - in Salter path there is Big Oak Drive Inn for great shrimp burgers. In Morehead City there is El's Drive Inn for also great shrimp burgers. A must stop for me!

    2. Island Grill Monday/ Tuesday is a must but remember reservations well in advance. Outstanding stuffed fillet mignon and the shrimp and scallop Roma is quite tasty.

      For lunch the Crabs Claw right on the beach has the best grilled Mani or tuna sandwiches but ask for their homemade tartar sauce, the best I've ever had. The rest of the food is average but don't miss the fish sandwich.

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      1. Head on to Beaufort (bowl fort) for burgers and dogs at Royal James and crabcakes and salads at boardwalk cafe.

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          Beaufort opens up much better options than AB. Royal James double cheeseburger is a must. Aqua, Blue Moon, Stillwater and Spouter are also recommended. I haven't been to Cedar Inn, but reliable sources give it a thumbs up.

          1. If you do go to Beaufort, the Beaufort Grocery although load is quite good. They have the best saganaki that I have ever had including in Greece. The whole pan fried flounder in apricot sauce and the stuffed pork chop are favorites.

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            1. Recently outside renovated Beach Tavern (lost it's "dive" charm after the renovation) has great pizza.

              Drive a little way down to Salter Path and eat at the Crab Shack. Second the Big Oak Drive In recommendation.

              Amos Mosquitos is still quite good; worth the wait. McClurdy's is good as well.

              The Watermark used to be very good, but now isn't worth the money nor the time. Neither is Channel Marker...

              4 Corners (or whatever it's called now) is a great breakfast place at the main intersection as you enter AB from Morehead City. The shiny diner looking place on the corner - years ago it was called Tommy's Pancake House.

              Find Capt. Wilis' for some fresh seafood to cook at your place if you have the capacity to do it there.

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              1. re: goodeatsinadive

                If you are a pizza fan then head to Luigi's in the Belk shopping center in Morehead. These guys are the real deal. Owners are Italians that had a pizzeria in Brooklyn. Most authentic NY style pizza I have had in NC. Their cheese steaks are also incredible.

                I never found four corners to be worth it. The waits are too long and I can fry an egg as well as they do. The restaurant in the Sands condominiums is better quality IMO.

                Crab Shack has great hushpuppies and a basket of steamed crabs is always a treat. Very basic menu.

                Willis' Seafood Market is absolutely top notch. They have whole fish that you can have filleted assuring you the freshest of the catch.