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May 20, 2013 09:30 PM

Weekend "Fusion" Breakfast at House of Thai (Formerly Thai House Express on Larkin) [San Francisco]

I stopped by House of Thai (nee Thai House Express) today, and noticed a sign in the window announcing an event called "Fused Breafast and Thai Breakfast Concept.". It appears to be a weekend popup of sorts, featuring "Executive Chef Christopher Williams" It actually appears to be primarily New American breakfast fare (try a "Tenderoin Elvis") with some gratuitous nods to its Thai host.


(Other than the weekend breakfast event, nothing else seems to have changed with the new name, other than the signage.)

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  1. Ah, that old "Thai" breakfast standby, fried rice with ketchup, peas, and raisins.

    1. When I went in last week they had actual signs on the tables adamantly declaring that the only thing they were changing was the name. No idea why they bothered unless they felt that the "Express" was costing them business from folks who thought it was a fast-food kind of place.

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        This thread from more than a year ago details the ownership change.

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          Complete supposition here - but the name change was probably a demand of the folks who came up with the name Thai House Express and still operate the same in Castro. Common law trademark, likelihood of confusion as indicia of source, etc. Surprised the use of the name wasn't part of the asset sale to the new owners back in 2010 - could've been a terminable license grant or something.

        2. Has anyone actually tried the "breakfast sandwich" options?