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May 20, 2013 08:41 PM

fun family dinner in Jim Thorpe/Allentown area

Each year we take our kids on a "birthday adventure." In a few weeks we're going to Lehigh Gorge State Park to hike and bike for the day. Then we'd like to go somewhere fun for dinner afterward. We don't want to break the bank on a top of the line dinner with the kids, but we don't want yucky chain restaurant food either. Our kids will eat just about anything, so any fun places from burgers to ethnic food would be options as long as the food is tasty. We'll be headed south to the western Philly suburbs, so I'm looking for options along that route - Jim Thorpe, Allentown, or any of the little towns along the Northeast Extension as we go south. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I have eaten at the restaurant up at Penn's Peak. If it it a nice day an outdoor table is wonderful. The food is pub fair and was quite good.

    1. Do you mean Roadies? If so, it looks fun. If the weather cooperates, I think we'll try to go and eat outside. Thanks!!

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          Great! I just called and made a reservation for the outside deck. Thanks again!

      1. Trip report: After a wonderful day exploring, we went to Roadies at Penn's Peak. We had made a reservation for dinner on the deck, so we enjoyed a beautiful view while we dined. As previously mentioned, the food was typical pub fare. We all order sandwiches. Everything we tried was tasty, and the prices were very reasonable. It's not fine dining, but it's a fun way to unwind after a day outdoors. I would definitely recommend it to others. Thanks, teddybare!

        I don't have any pictures of our meal, but here's the view from the deck.