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May 20, 2013 08:10 PM

What should I cook?

So I have some sweet Italian sausages, ground beef (80/20), chicken thighs, a whole chicken, and stewing beef. I have a few hours to kill for lunch tomorrow and I'm out of ideas on what to make. Any suggestions?
Besides those proteins I have the essentials stocked and picking up a few things at the store isn't a problem nor are intricate procedures but no pasta dishes I've gotten a bit burnt out on them.

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  1. Italian gumbo? Maybe using the sausage and chicken thighs?

    Lasagna using the Italian sausage and ground beef.

    Fried chicken using, well, the chicken.

    Chili using the stew beef.

    1. I like to roast chicken pieces with sweet Italian sausages, ripe olives, garlic, white wine and stock.

      1. cut up potatoes, cover w/chicken thighs (seasoned and oiled) and then italian sausage and bake. Add onions and/or peppers if desired. sausage cooks down over chicken and potatoes imparting flavor. mmmmmmmmmmmm

        make meatloaf with the ground beef for meatloaf sandwiches

        season stewing beef with coarse kosher salt and fresh ground pepper and worcestershire sauce. cook in slow cooker. serve w/roasted veggies.

        the whole chicken??? I'd cook it and make cold peanut noodle salad w/chicken

        1. Well, if I were standing in front of the freezer staring at those ingredients (and I've been in a bit of a slump lately myself) I'd probably make chicken curry (sweet--ish...with coconut milk) with the chicken thighs...or maybe go to a same-ingredients-different direction place and do a jerk rub on the chicken and make a coconut-curry rice pilaf on the side...); I'd do some sort of vegetable-heavy ragu with the stewing beef and serve it over cheese polenta, or maybe do a cottage pie, since I always have potatoes for the mash and I can use whatever veg I have in the meat/veg/gravy portion of the pie. I'd probaby cut the chicken into two halves and flatten them out on the grill with some barbecue sauce and corn or slaw or salad for side dishes...and the sausage? Oh wait, maybe sausages and peppers with the polenta, since you're over-pasta-ed lately? Hmmmm....