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May 20, 2013 07:47 PM

Weekend in Naples

I'm going to be in Naples this weekend and would love a few breakfast, lunch, & dinner options.

Sunday evening I'd like to go somewhere to watch the basketball game and eat good food. If there is nothing that works for both I don't mind eating before the game and going somewhere else to watch.

I'm going to be staying at the Inn on Fifth in Downtown Naples. Walking distance would be nice, but good food is my priority.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. plenty of good choices nearby. OsteriaTulia is a great place very close by. The best new restaurant in Naples.

    McCabes pub is in your hotel building. Fun bar, but I don't know about the food there. Trulucks is in the same building, and serves excellent seafood.

    Fifth Avenue is lined with restaurants. Many so-so places and many excellent ones. Too many to list. Not sure about walking distance for breakfast.

    Inca's Kitchen is a great Peruvian resto. Lots of comments here on the Hound if you search. Not walking distance however.

    You might find a lot of similarly minded people at Campiello's for basketball. This is a very popular spot in the Third Street South area. It is not a sports bar however, but a very good Italian place with good wood grilled pizzas. Handsome Harry's down the street also has a fun bar with tvs, again not a sports bar per se.

    Another fun place is down on the river, The Dock at Crayton Cove. Open air restaurant. One of my favorite French places is across the street. Bleu Provence. Great champagne selection and classic French food.

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      Does Campiello have TV's at the bar?

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        yes, but not big screens and while I think they will be on basket ball while you are there, I think they are more likely tuned to CNBC and the stock market most afternoons <G>