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May 20, 2013 06:43 PM

Traveling to NY for a week with my dad, where to eat?

Hi. My dad and I will be in NY for a week in June. We used to visit a few times a year but haven't been in 4 or 5 years, so while we have old favorites, I'd love some new best suggestions.
We'll be staying on the UWS, at W77th and Columbus. We usually go out to dinner on the UWS, and our old stomping grounds pretty much are Isabella's, Ocean Grill, and Ruby Foo's or sushi takeout on the night we get in. Not bad, if I recall, but I'd love to try something new.

He really loves good fish. I'm a big fan of the locavore, farm to table, slow food movement (although that's usually a bit expensive at restaurants). I don't eat pork, or shellfish. The type of restaurant doesn't matter too much (Locavore, deli, ethnic, italian, mediterranean, french, american, whatever), as long as the food is delicious.

I'd love recommendations for:
Several really good places under $30, ideally under $25, an entree on the UWS, preferably pretty near W77th and Columbus

Good grocery shopping on the UWS. We've never really cooked in NY beyond schmearing bagels, but I've gotten more observant over the years so we will be cooking Friday dinner at home. No idea where to get good groceries. I'm pretty spoiled by grassfed meat, local seasonal produce, super fresh local fish, etc back home in the East Bay (SF Bay Area). I don't necessarily want to spend a fortune on top gourmet ingredients, but I also know that the produce in the corner stores last time I visited was not up to my standards. (Awesome markets downtown would also be fine, but I'd love to know where a good grocery store on the UWS is.)

1 or 2 splurges. Is there anyplace fabulous worth making a trip out of? (We usually head out during the day but then head back to the UWS for a nap and dinner, but might go one night somewhere downtown or across town if it's really special.) This might be a little more than $30 an entree, but not massively more. 35-40 is probably ok, but more than that is too much. Is there anywhere really good we can't miss? I remember a few years ago, we went to Savoy, and I still remember what we ate, even though it was 6+ years ago. Any place like that that we just can't miss?


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  1. Groceries--there's a Trader Joe's on Broadway and W 72nd St; Fairway at about 74th and Broadway is a big grocery store where you can find just about everything you need.

    1. The best fish is at Citarella on Broadway and 75th. It also has good produce but a little more expensive than Fairway. A moderate restaurant for fish would be Mermaid Inn on Amsterdam and 87th. Closer to where you are staying is Ditch Plains for fish.

      1. For good seafood at a reasonable (for NY) price, Atlantic Grill. For really fine seafood (at a price) Marea cant be beat.
        Telepan around 69th & Columbus
        Ed's Chowder House is a happening (Ooo! Look whose here!) place with a big bar crowd.
        Picholine for classic dining on the UWS
        Lincoln is another in Lincoln Center
        Ouest is more pocketbook friendly (right near you)
        The Smith (64th & Bdwy) for breakfast and lunch

        Just remember, it's the drinks that pad the bill!

        1. If you like Japanese food Tenzan is near you (72 & Columbus).

          1. I used to visit New York with my dad regularly and he always loved: The Carlyle/Oyster Bar/Keen's/La Grenouille/any old school Italian in New York.