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May 20, 2013 06:33 PM

My TOP 10 Great Finds on the Cheap a Few Miles from Detroit Downtown

An old thread from 2010 is on here so I thought I'd put on a new updated one. I like to show those thousands of visitors to our downtown a great place to eat of Detroit classic's all with FREE parking and most have Facebook site's I also review on Urbanspoon which all are found with great photo's and reviews to help you enjoy your visit to our Great City. ENJOY

Great List Try Mine You'll LOVE them ALL

REUBEN @ Hygrade Deli Detroit

WINGS @ Sweetwater Tavern Detroit

Weezie Burger @ Weezie's Dearborn

Pozole @ Los Alto's Detroit

Double Cheeseburger @ Motz Detroit

Pizza Bread Beef Burger @ Vince's Detroit

Chicken Breasts @ Pollo Chapin Detroit

Sliders @ Green Dot Stables Detroit

Breakfast @ Johnny's Ham King Detroit

Coney Dogs @ Duly's Detroit

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  1. If you're going to go and have the chicken at Pollo Chapin (and I'm not against this recommendation), be sure to tell them that you want the chicken made *fresh* for you. Nothing that's been pre-made, or is waiting to be bought. Just saying.

    With Green Dot Stables, not every slider is equal. I would recommend that you go with what sounds good to you, and *definitely* go for the Mystery Meat if it sounds appealing. As well, it is pretty cheap to try one or two if you're feeling adventuresome. I would *absolutely* try their fantastic Summer Soda for $3, as it's one of the best drinks I've enjoyed over the past few years.