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May 20, 2013 05:37 PM

Midtown Cafe [Nashville]

I was in Nashville for a quick trip to meet with a client - - just one night in town. Thanks to tips on this board, I narrowed down to a few choices near my hotel and ended up at Midtown Cafe. I had a lovely meal of creamy artichoke and lemon soup and an appetizer portion of shrimp & grits, accompanied by a very nice glass of Vouvray. The waiter was kind and charming - - just the right balance of chattiness and privacy for a solo woman diner.

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  1. Was just there for an early dinner, and did not find anything outstanding. Shrimp & Grits was tasty enough, but not stellar (esp. given the price point), and the veal 3 ways was in many ways 2 ways too many.

    The place certainly didn't overwhelm me, nor did it underwhelm me, I suppose. i guess I'm just whelmed at this point.

    I think there are better options in/around that area, like 1808 right across the street.