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May 20, 2013 05:01 PM

The unidentified suspect-what cut of steak is this?

In my haste this weekend, I grabbed 2 top sirloins which actually weren't labeled top sirloin but rather "ground sirloin." The steak on top looked the same as the usual top sirloin cut that I buy weekly and I didn't look really closely at the other but grabbed it because it was the biggest top sirloin I'd ever seen cut in the store and was quite excited. I gave the butcher a quick glance over the counter to verify that indeed they were steaks and not ground and he was like "well, yea that's top sirloin and it's just marked wrong." So, off I went. I had the steak which I'm sure is a top sirloin (picture #1-3 of various prior top sirloins including the one purchased this week) but as I took a closer look at the other it didn't seem the same at all - 1) heavier (my initial reason for grabbing it but 2x as heavy as the usual top sirloin they cut), 2) much thicker - 1.25 inches vs the usual barely 1 inch for the top sirloin, 3) shape and 4) connective tissue on the underside of the steak. I'm pretty sure steak #2 (raw photos) is not a top sirloin, but what is it? Any ideas?

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    1. It seems too big for this (thickness), but from the look of the underside, I would say it is what they are marketing in some stores as a 'flat Iron' steak - a more unusual cut from the top blad (shoulder) of the steak.

      Very tender if cooked to MR, except for that strip of grisle that runs through the center.

      I like this steak, and find it has a good beefy flavor, is tender and I just eat around that 'strip' on the one side.

      Usually, they aren't more than 3/4 inch thick, or are uneven. I only buy if I can get a thick even one. The prices on them are pretty good at least here, going on sale occasionally for $5.99 lb.

      Someone else may have another opinion, but that is mine:)

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        I agree. I vote blade for the raw steak w/ connective tissue down the middle.

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          I think gingershelley is right... I google imaged it and came up with this:

          They just started carrying them occasionally in my store, I haven't bought them yet though.

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            Wow, thanks! I guess that's some serious mislabeling. I'll have to pay attention next time I'm there to the steak labeled "flat iron or blade" if there is one.

            1. I don't think they are Round and I don't think they arr Flat Iron/Top Blade either......the latter has the Gristle running evenly through the meat and it's not doing so in either picture of the raw meat. As Flat Iron, the gristle would be removed and there would be a top and bottom portion steak that would be portioned out. There is a Flat Iron Roast, but again, the meat is not equal above and below the Gristle so I do not see it as Flat Iron in any way.

              Based on the pictures you provided of the three cooked pieces and the two raw pieces.....I think whoever cuts the meat is just not properly trained to make the standard spec cuts for Top Sirloin and the three seams of muscles within the Whole Top Butt Sirloin. The 4th picture looks like a small roast based on the angle of the shot.....The last one looks like a piece that was destined for stir fry or the ground meat pile.

              I vote for Top Sirloin