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May 20, 2013 04:04 PM

Marais recommendations (with kids)

Hi all,

We will be renting an apartment in the Marais (near Place des Vosges) for 6 nights with our two school-age children. I am looking for recommendations for bakeries, supermarkets and the like where we can pick up prepared food for our apartment.

I have already noted Gerard Mulot from a previous CH thread to pick up breakfast viennoiseries and lunch sandwiches. I plan to make reservations for Cafe Breizh (my girls would LOVE to eat crepes) and also at Petit Bofinger (my 8 year old really loves choucroute).

I know it is is not in the Marais but I am also tempted to hit La Mosquee de Paris for either their tea room or lunch one day since I love Maghrebian cuisine and we don't really have it in our city.


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  1. Forgot to add: I am also wondering if having a falafel at one of the nearby places (L'As du Falafel?) is worth it. We have excellent Lebanese food in our city so I am not sure these places are really special.

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      The schwarma and felafel are very very good at those stands on the Rue des Rosiers... however, be advised that there are lines and no place to sit and eat them, unless you trek back to the Place des Vosges with them. (Might get cold that way).

      But it's a nice snack if you missed lunch...

      Good American-style hot dogs at a little stand on the corner of Rue de Vielle du Temple and Rue de Roi de Sicile. He has weird hours, like open at 4PM until the wee hours.

    2. Rue de Bretagne is full of wonderful food shops. Ditto the gigantic Richard Lenoir markets, whose hours you can look up easily on the internet.
      The marché Enfant Rouges have food stalls for lunch. Very nice on warmer days. It has a couscous stand that is not bad at all.
      I love love love the Mosquée de Paris. Great place for tea. I have not liked its food so much. One mainly goes for the enchanting atmosphere.

      1. We are in the Marais right now, staying in an apartment on Rue Elzevir. We had a falafel and shawarma's to go our first night here. Pretty good and a very filling meal for reasonable prices. Thought you might like this link for ideas for kids.

        Defintely check out Breizh cafe for crepes. We had lunch yesterday at Nanashi, which was a welcome change from all the rich, but delicious food we have been eating in Italy and Paris. Also, very good coffee at The Broken Arm. Today we are going to Rosé Bakery and drinks and small plates at Le Mary Celeste tonight.

        1. If you don't want to stroll up to rue de Bretagne, rue St Antoine has plenty of food shops including a supermarket. Richard Lenior market is great on Sunday mornings.
          Instead of the Petit Bofinger why not go across the street to Bofinger for the beautiful ground floor dining room.
          Agree that the Mosquee is wonderful for tea; it is very crowded during late afternoon.

          1. Have tea at La Mosquée de Paris but don't eat there. It is not good, never was, and shows no sign of ever improving.

            If you want good Maghrebi food, there's Hamadi (Tunisian) and L'Atlas (Moroccan) nearby.
            And if you really love food from that region, I recommend that you try the Tunisian-Jewish places just North of the Grands Boulevards, in an area contained between boulevard Montmartre, rue du Faubourg-Montmartre, rue Richer and rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière. Snack shops, caterers, restaurants, you name them.
            There's another interesting cluster of those Jewish-Tunisian restaurants on boulevard de Belleville, on the North-side sidewalk, between Belleville and Couronnes métro stations.
            Simple, generous, sunny food with lots of fried things.

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            1. re: Ptipois

              Merci Ptipois. I would be especially interested in trying one of these TUnisian-Jewish places you have mentioned above.

              PBSF: Do you recommend Bofinger over Petit Bofinger. I wasn't sure if we should hit Petit Bofinger as it might be more child friendly (note we would be eating at 7 pm).

              1. re: jacolis

                Decor wise, Bofinger definitely has it over Le Petit Bofinger. It is one of the main reason to dine there. Bofinger is a bustling brasserie, therefore, I would not worry about it being child friendly. And at 7pm, there is usually plenty of room for everyone. Make a reservation for the ground floor and don't let them steer you to the bland and low ceiling upstair dining room.