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New Brunswick: What's good?

For a Douglass/Rutgers couple, we visit NB rarely, but it's a convenient
lunchtime meet half way for we in Philly and Hackensack friend. We';re picking her up at the bus stop near the train; don't want to travel too far,
but we would have to park.

Not picky--not fancy, but a quiet local place that good would please us
very much. What can you suggest? I'd bat zero on this, it's been so long.

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  1. Right up Easton Ave. from the train station is Noodle Gourmet. Good, cheap, and more than just noodles. Great choice if you like Asian food. And afterwards you are steps away from good ice cream and/or chocolates.

    1. This place isn't fancy or quiet but if you haven't tried Noodle Gourmet yet you must!

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        I love Noodle Gourmet. I actually prefer it over most of the Chinese restaurants in the area. Not a pretty place, but good food and good value.

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          Hmmmm.......I bet I can tell you where your a Professor............

      2. Steakhouse 85 hasn't disappointed us yet.

        1. Note that Noodle Gourmet is a bit 'divey' and on the surface doesn't appear to be really that clean. It's a bit below your standard store front Chinese restaurant in terms of ambience, etc. That point being made, their Chineese dishes are quite good. But it's a dive frequented by Asian students and other RU bretheren on a fixed budget and foodies like joonjoon, seal or I who can overlook such things.

          If I had to venture a spot that's fairly quiet, with good food for lunch, it would be Du Marie just a brief walk from the train station.

          1. For Mexican, we love Taqueria El Poblano (202 New Street). Their Pozole is terrific (available weekends only I think).

            Brother Jimmy's BBQ (right next to the station) is quite good, but not exactly quiet.

            1. For casual, I'm a fan of Evelyn's on Easton Avenue - love their hummus. Also check out Destination Dogs - a handful of tables, and no liquor license I believe but artisinal hot dogs and sausages (and the truffle fries are pretty good too). Also, Indochine (Vietnamese) on George Street is great.

              Of course, there's always Tumulty's for burgers. And while I think the quality has gone down a bit, I'm a sucker for Makeda (Ethiopian). And Rafferty's is always an option too - nothing outstanding, but always reliable.

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                +1 for Evelyn's and I'll add Daryl, which is far more upscale but a great value for the quality of food! They may offer some lunch specials as well.
                Another option: head up Rt 1 N all of 5 mins to the Skylark Diner! Not a typical NJ diner - food and menu are v good, plenty of pkg, and they won't rush you!

              2. I'm meeting friends in New Brunswick on Friday night. I have not eaten there in many years. They have suggested Steakhouse 85 for dinner. We are flexible on cuisine and price. Are there any better options Steakhouse 85 ? It looks as if Daryl is now closed.

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                  We went to Due Mare this past Sunday, and it was fantastic.

                2. Stuff Yer Face...'nuff said. LOL.

                  Seriously, good recommendations here.