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May 20, 2013 03:13 PM

skeptical first timer - Dukem, Etete, or Ethiopic?

Looking for great ethiopian for someone who is an experienced eater but skeptical of the DC scene. Where should we go to impress? I'd prefer to stay in the district (and not venture out to Silver Spring). Which of the above is the most interesting? Or is there somewhere else I should be aware of?


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  1. I've not eaten at the DC Dukem, just the Baltimore one, so I can't speak to it specifically, but I have been to both Etete and Ethiopic and would recommend Ethiopic as a good introductory experience, primarily because they have sampler platters that come with several different dishes (both vegetarian and meat). As a newbie, it saves you the hassle of figuring out what to order. For an added 'treat', see if you can sit at the traditional table at the front of the restaurant. Note: the platter's come with a lot of food.

    Our only complaint with Etete was that the portions were quite small. We were seated at the traditional table at the front of the restaurant (not sure how we get that lucky so often) and for our party of 3, it was an interesting fit/dinner. Didn't help the overall experience.

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      I would also recommend Ethiopic. Especially for a first-timer, I find the service at Ethiopic to be great. So if you have a question about the food or are looking for recommendations, they should be able to help. I don't know how big a group you will be, but I like to get one of the vegetarian samplers and then one or two individual meat dishes depending on the size of my group.

    2. I would second the rec for Ethipic.

      1. Ethiopic would be a good bed. Etete and Dukem are unreliable. I also love Zenebech Injera, and they've just revamped their menu so they are even better! It is much more of a hole-in-the-wall atmosphere than Ethiopic, which is quite nice.

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          I second the recommendation for Zenebech. Everyone I've taken there loves it.

        2. Personally I love Etete but I think if you are looking to impress someone go to Ethiopic---the environment is nicer and the food is equally as delicious. Also afterward there are a bunch of places on H Street where you can grab a drink in a fun environment.

          1. Ok made reservations at Ethiopic for sat. Only had a 515, or 9 slot, and with the kiddos, don't want to wait too late. Thanks all, even though I didn't ask the original question.