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May 20, 2013 02:34 PM

Lunch for 20 in Midtown

Dear NYC Hounds,

I have some family coming into NYC from India and they would like to host an anniversary lunch for 20 people in midtown. Looking for good food, lively place, without breaking the bank.

Their thoughts are food wise:

Light Organic Fare

Maybe someplace that can do a fixed price per head for the food and desert. Bar of course would be additional.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you

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  1. Bar Boulud and Boulud Sud have private rooms.

    1. If you could define "breaking the bank" that would make suggestions much easier. The Boulud places are good, but can be very expensive for groups. What's your total budget, including tax and tip?

      Also, how much will people drink? Alcohol can take up a third or more of the budget sometimes.

      1. I don’t think they need or care about a private room. Any Boulud restaurant I feel would be more than they would want to spend. This is a work anniversay and not a personal one. I really don’t know the budget on this, if I was going to be conservative I would say $40 per head for just the base food. Then you add in some drinks and tips and it turns into $60 per head at final cost. I feel that is as far as they could stretch as they earn in Indian Rupees and get murdered with the exchange rate. I was going to suggest Fig and Olive to them, so that they could maybe a set a 3 course pre-fix for lunch, but I was looking for some other ideas, that is why I posted.
        Thanks on all.

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          Al Bustan - prix fixes vary from $12 - $19
          Marseille - three course prix fixe $25
          Qi Bangkok Eatery - prices vary but very reasonable. Better than average Thai for Midtown, though the lunch menu is very basic / straightforward.

        2. Not sure why - but your request made me think of Molyvos, if that is not too far west (7th Ave). They have a good prix fixe at lunch for $25 and the burgers and lighter fare are less $ as well. Its not a high profile choice (and not someplace I typically go with just my husband) but I have found it to be solid and a good place for a group to have something different but not too different.

          1. Thank you for everyone's recommendations and assistance. I was just informed that this lunch needs to be moved to Soho as the group has a meeting on Bleeker Street straight afterwards. So my query now shifts to that area of the city.

            Thanks in advance

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              Lupa has a group dining option that would suit your budget ($35 for four courses). I'm not sure whether any food and beverage minimums would apply but it's worth a phone call.