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May 20, 2013 01:21 PM

Toffee Ice Cream

Which companies make a really good ice cream with toffee in it that I can buy at a grocery store? It seems like there are two varieties; butter brickle, and ice cream with Heath Bar chunks. The ones I know about are

1) Breyer's Heath Bar "ice cream" - When Breyer's was still ice cream instead of "frozen dairy dessert" I used to love this stuff. Now....not so much.

2) Blue Bunny's Butter Brickle - The variety I grew up on, and since I live in the midwest, still available to me.

3) Skondra's* Butter Brickle - a little better than Blue Bunny, but not as common in my area.

4) Heath Bar Blizzard at Dairy Queen - Good stuff, but I've got to go to Dairy Queen every time I want it.

I've heard there are a couple Ben & Jerry's varieties with toffee in them, are they any good? Anything else?

* unknown to me till now, Skondra's is Hy-Vee's premium in-house brand. Hy-Vee is a chain of grocery stores in the midwest.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I love Ben and Jerry's Coffee heath bar chunk ice cream. One of my all time favorites.

      I also recently tried Walgreens Delish ice cream. Not sure if there is a toffee one, but the two flavors I tried were really good

      1. Kroger's Private Selection line has an English Toffee ice cream; I haven't tried it.

        I had an ice cream with Heath Bars once but can't remember for sure what brand, possibly either Blue Bunny or Blue Bell. I used to love Heath bars but hadn't had one in years; I did not care for the ice cream and never looked for it again. If it was Blue Bell I may not have been the only one not to like it - it's not listed as one of their flavors.

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          I also love Heath bars and get them at Target all the time. They even have a bag of mini bars. Klondike also makes a Heath chocolate vanilla sandwich which I prefer. If you discover a great tasting Butter Brickle Ice/English Toffee ice cream, please post here ... lots of diehard fans will be very grateful. I'll do the same if I am first to make such a discovery; I have been on a quest writing ice cream makers.

        2. You can try making Skor Ice Cream -- looks great.

          Recipe --> http://www.dailyunadventuresincooking...