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May 20, 2013 01:16 PM

Three dinners in Portland

We're visiting Portland in a couple of weeks, for the first time. We're not really fans of tasting menus and lots of experimentation. We tend to like restaurants that have interesting menus and wine lists and are comfortable ... where local people, not tourists, go for a nice meal and evening. From what I've read so far, for example, we would like Street & Co. better than Hugo's or Five Fifty-Five.


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  1. I'd give you Local 188, Caiola's, and, to push the envelope a little, Emilitsa (the wine list is especially interesting there because all the wines are Greek).

    1. Portland is very good at comfortable! Even places that may come off as stuffy on paper/the internet really aren't--even 555 and Hugo's.
      Local 188 is a great choice, as are Caiola and Emilitsa.
      I'd add Outliers, too.

      For comfortable--Portand has many good bars with great kitchens/mid level, farm to table-y places with really good food where you're more likely to find locals--LFK, In'Finiti, Boda Thai, and Pai Men Miyake are a few of my favorites right now--

      1. I'm of a similar mindset as sultanaboudreau's recs (as usual).
        The better places in town are frequented by the locals although the tourists might push them out a bit during the summer months. Street and Co. is definitely one of these. Fore Street has all you're looking for as well. I'm also a fan of eventide oyster Co. Those are all in The Old Port. I'll double down with Caiola's - it's a bit harder to find so mostly local and excellent. Actually the further you get from the Old Port the further you get from the tourists as well. I'll also jump on that Pai Men Miyake and Boda bandwagon. Boda'a sister restaurant, the Green Elephant for great vegetarian. I'll throw in The North Point wine bar for a glass or two (or three) in a very cool setting.

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          I am full agreement with bobbert (again, as usual), and would venture to add another possibility, away from the Old Port: Bar Lola in the east end. Here, while the plates are of different sizes, you can mix and match to your heart's content, and I've always found the food interesting and flavorful. Nice wine list, too, reasonably priced.

        2. One more--I just read that Artemisia on Pleasant St is now serving dinner. Talk about underappreciated neighborhood spots--that one rarely comes up on here even when people ask about brunch, and it's outstanding.

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            Re. Artemisia Cafe. Just walked past the other day and IIRC I think dinner something like Wednesday - Friday. Brunch on Saturday and Sunday. The dinner hours were on the door but can't find them on the web. Pics of the food on their Facebook page look great. Can't wait to get in. This would definitely count as a "locals" kinda spot as they're the only ones who will be able to find it. It's now on my short list for dinner.

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              The dinner hours at Artemisia are Wednesday through Saturday, 5 pm to close. You can see a copy of the menu here:


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              Went last night. Don't have time right now to write much other than to say it was terrific! What a great addition to the neighborhood. The chef (Guy) and wife (I want to say Sarah but can't remember) have quite the pedigree and it shows in their food and service. Dinner is a different experience from breakfast/lunch - think The Good Egg and Pepper Club - two different restaurants sharing the same space. Anyhow, try it for dinner. This is a super nice couple serving some great food and I, for one, would like to see them succeed.

            3. Will add to the chorus recommending Emilitsa, fabulous food, relaxed atmosphere, great Greek wines (which the servers are very knowledgeable about). I like Street and Company a lot (the sole francais is amazing); it can get a little loud, be sure to request the back room. Bar Lola is very good but the service is slooooooow -- be prepared to have a very relaxed meal. Caiola's is another good choice too, as is Green Elephant.