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May 20, 2013 12:56 PM

Amsterdam without romance ?

Evening all

Off to Amsterdam at the end of the month , but with a friend as opposed to other half, hence no need for romance - just great food ( and beers ) !

Price bracket more towards moderate than high end. Prefer a locals vibe rather than touristy but not sniffy about it. Do want to avoid the red light district if poss. though - unless it has changed significantly since 2011.

When last in the city ate at Burgermeester - is that still good for a quality burger experience ?

Cuisine wise happy to range from good bar food ( esp if microbrews are on tap ) to bistro stuff.

Also keen to get some great seafood if that 'works' well. Squid and octopus particular favourites.

Ashamed to admit I know little about Dutch cuisine so some pointers there would be very welcome.

We are staying pretty centrally - Crowne Plaza - so places within a 20-30 minute stroll would be cool. We do have four nights though so if somewhere is a 'must eat' would be happy to commute. Also going to a gig at Paradiso one night so somewhere near there would be welcome.

Oh and where serves the best wheat beers without making a bloke in his mid 40's feel like he is past it ?! Late night bars ( particularly with live music ) where us 'older folks' might hang out with some quality beer would be gratefully noted.

Thanks in advance

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  1. de Struisvogel is one of my favorite places in the Jordaan.

    Thaise Snackbar the Bird -- zero atmosphere, excellent Thai food.

    Nam Kee -- delicious Cantonese, they're oysters with black bean sauce are fab.

    Ooops, just saw you want to avoid the RLD. Both the Thai place and Nam Kee are on Zeedijk... not technically the RLD, but you' pass through it to get to Chinatown.

    Lucius -- fish resto on Spuistraat. On the same street is a good tapas bar whose name escapes me.

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      Thanks for these ideas
      Am intrigued by de Struisvogel - is it just fixed menu or can u order less than the set menu ? Also ,would we need to book for weekends ?
      Any good bars nearby ?

      Is Lucius good value as my travelling companion may think it a bit pricey !

      Again ,any good bars on hand for 'afters' ?

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        I'm partial to de Beiaard, a great brew pub in the Spui.

        You don't *have to* get the 3-course menu, but at 23 Euro, that's a pretty damn good deal. I'd definitely make a rez -- the place isn't big & very popular.

        I also like the little Greek place on Singel. Singel 404, btw, makes *killer* sandwiches -- great lunch place.

        Oh, and Small World Catering in the Jordaan is also delicious.

        There's a cool wine bar called Vyne on Prinsengraacht.

    2. Hi!

      First of all, I am sorry to inform you that in Holland we only have food and no cuisine. Luckily we do have great restaurants serving not so typically Dutch food.

      If you want to try something Dutch, order 'bitterballen' (little beef croquettes) with your beer!!

      There is a new place near dam square called 'de bierfabriek' rokin 75. They serve very good beers (home brewed!!), they have a very small but good menu! Their specialty, a grilled spatchcock with fries, is great.

      A good local pub in the center is 'de engelbewaarder' they have a very good selection of beers. Their food has always been really nice, but they recently changed chefs, and I haven't been their since.

      The Burgemeester is still a great place to have a burger. There is a relatively new burgerplace called 'the butcher' it is at the albert cuyp (pijp neighborhood), not far from the center. I still have to go there myself, but I have heard great things.

      I hope you enjoy your stay in Amsterdam!

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      1. re: aniNNina


        de bierfabriek looks perfect !

        Would we need to book for a fri/sat night, would you say ?

        Any other places worth popping to for a beer nearby ?

        Any other classic beer locations that must not be missed ?

        In de Wildeman is in all of the books - tourist trap or must visit ?

        Thanks again for any help you can give !

      2. De Wildeman is great. Yes it's in all the guidebooks but it is also always packed with locals.

        Another of my favorite beer bars is Arendsnest.
        100 different beers and they're all from Dutch breweries, some of them tiny. Very nice and knowledgeable staff.

        For a very typical Dutch lunch head over to Van Dobben
        now at 2 locations, one near Albert Cuyp market which is fun to visit anyway, and one more in the center. Get a 'broodje halfom' (liver and a kind of pastrami), ossenworst (raw beef sausage, also comes in a smoked version) or kroket (a larger version of the famous bitterballen. Cheap, fun, very Amsterdam.

        does fabulous brunches. Also for cocktails, nibbles and dinner.

        I love love love Speijkervet which I think has never been mentioned by anyone on CH. or see their Facebook page. it's a bit out of the city centre but the tram will get you there fast. Very creative food. They get a whole pig or lamb in every now and then and pretty much use it all up, make sausage and hams and everything. But also great vegetabes, fish. I cannot rave about this place enough (and I have very high standards when it comes to eating out).

        Another place that doe's 'modern Dutch'very well is Wilde Zwijnen:
        again, a bit out of the center, but easily reached by public transport.

        The area around Paradiso (my favorite venue!) is very touristy and a bit of a nightmare when it comes to finding good food. Not far is a small bar called De Zotte, they special in Belgian beer and have some nice, if simple, bar food
        It's tiny though, and if you plan to go on a weekend I would def. make a reservation.
        if you like Turkish food, opposite Paradiso is Levant
        which I like very much. Lovely mezze.
        Noodles at Wagamama (right next to Paradiso) is an ok choice if you are pressed for time before your gig. The food is not spectacular but they're fast and friendly.

        la Perla is my favorite pizzeria. If you like spicy, have the pizza 'nduja. It's opposite one of my favorite Jordaan bars, Cafe de Tuin (sandwiches during the day, a nice place for coffee, and a great bar with a good mix of lots of different people in the evening. Always a couple of interesting beers on tap.

        If you pass something that says Surinamese Toko, get a broodje Pom.

        Cafe Cook
        is a nice, unassuming, neighborhood restaurant (again - out of the center - yes there's a trend here!) One of the loveliest terraces in all of Amsterdam.

        Another great terrace by the water for drinks and bites (but I would not dine there) is Edel

        Fish: I haven't been yet myself to the Seafood bar and , but it is one of the most trendy new fish restaurants. And have heard some good reviews.