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May 20, 2013 11:03 AM

Italian Birthday Dinner?

Looking for some ideas for a birthday dinner. Just the two of us. We have been trying to get to L'Andana in Burlington, but things keep coming up. We may be closer to the city that night, so I'm thinking North End or something around Boston proper. Nothing ultra fancy or stuffy. Good food/wine/atmosphere.

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  1. Vinny's in Somerville is relaxed.

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      was there about a year ago on a groupon, and the food was dreadful.

    2. Are people still liking Teatro? Last time I was there it was quite good, but that must have been a couple years ago at this point. Same owners as L'Andana. Not fancy at all, and a pretty fun atmosphere.

      1. Carmen is good for two people. It is small though and no dessert because it doesn't cater to lingering. The food is well worth it though.

        1. Try Il Casale in Belmont. I had a superb meal there recently. Great food/atmosphere/wine/waitstaff.

          1. Try Taranta in the North End. They have private seating on the second floor . Call them and tell them it is for a birthday. Chef Jose is one of the best out there. They will make it a special time for you.

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              La Morra in Brookline and Il Casale in Belmont and, if you want to sit outside with a lovely view of the Charles, Dantes (they also own Il Casale) in Cambridge at the Sonesta..