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May 20, 2013 10:51 AM

Surdyk's Sandwiches.

Surdyk’s has generally a great selection with knowledable helpful staff at affordable prices (unless sometimes surly beer and their wine sale that matches my local liquor store regular price on pinot). They have a nice deli that has a great cheese and meat case. My issue is with their sandwiches.

What sandwich place of this potential caliber makes warm sandwiches ahead of time, then stacks them on top of each other or puts them on a cutting board. I have gotten 4 sandwiches here in 2013. I will not be going back. The potential is awesome. The reality is often far from it. I have now gotten 2 different types on different weeks that have been cold, soggy, and unappetizing. The bottom bread has been rock hard, and the top has been a oiled sponge. Both times I asked if it was fresh to be told yes. To open it to something quite different. I have contacted them with regards to this. No response in 14 days. I did not ask for a refund, simply the awareness of this issue. It is such a shame that you have such a glorious assortment of options and artisans, yet such poor execution on a $8 sandwich.

When they are good, they are amazing. That just doesn’t happen enough. I will take my business to the St. Paul/Edina Cheese shop for my artisan sandwich fix. They make them to order (from my experience). I would recommend being very careful when ordering sandwiches that aren't literally hot off the presses.

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  1. It only took me one soggy Surdyk's sandwich to say never again. St. Paul Cheese Shop gets my business when I'm jonesin' for a sammie.

    1. I've never had anything but a great sandwich there; hot and cold. Bad luck, I guess.

      1. While I don't necessarily agree, someone at Surdyk's heard you; the sandwiches are now all wrapped in wax paper.

        How about that...

        1. Had a sandwich at Surdyk's Flights, and it was pretty lousy. Did not distinguish itself from the pre-fab D'Amico stuff that once ruled the roost at MSP.

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          1. re: kevin47

            I don't know which sandwich you had, but the Roast Turkey and Manchego sandwich at Surdyk's Flights is one of my favorite sandwiches in town. Turkey, quince paste, aoili, arugula, manchego on super crispy bread . . . mmmmm. Sometimes I stop there even after I land to satisfy a craving.

            Unlike the store, it is always fresh-made, including freshly-slided meat.

            1. re: jaycooke

              Last time I was there it was not fresh made. You need to make sure you have the time to have it fresh made......

              1. re: jaycooke

                That was the sandwich I had, and it was atrocious. Jawbreakingly crunchy, cloyingly sweet. If it was made fresh, it didn't show.

                The homemade pretzel was alright, though that beet butter is just terrible.

            2. Anyone know what is in Surdyk’s beets salad that makes them spicy?